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Thread: Teacher neighbours thong - UK

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    Teacher neighbours thong - UK

    My neighbour is a primary school teacher. She is away on holiday just now and asked us to look after her house.

    Seizing the opportunity I have stole 3 of her thongs. A black lacy number and a cotton one I'm sure she uses for running as I've seen it through her leggings. Also there is a white nylon one thats been worn away at the clit spot. I'm sure she must flick the bean regularly or her husband does.

    She is 35 and blonse with an amazing body. She's very fit.

    Anyway would anyone be interested in purchasing them. They have not been contaminated by me........ Yet!

    If no one's interested then il happily rip the nut off it with them lol

    Please pm me with any enquiries
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    Re: Teacher neighbours thong - UK

    lets see them

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    Re: Teacher neighbours thong - UK

    Will get some pics asap

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