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Thread: Randoms & One-time Posters

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    Randoms & One-time Posters

    18 months ago this members section was a hive of activity. You'd log on after a couple of days away and find at least 10-15 thread updates. Maybe it's just experiencing a lull. Dunno.


    I'm fairly sure there must be long-time lurkers out there who perhaps only have a small amount of material to post, but feel it doesn't warrant a whole thread and fear being shot down in flames as a result. In a bid to liven things up a bit in this section, here's the very place to post that material!

    Additionally, anyone who just wants to post up some random stuff of their other half can do so here. Here's to a lip-smackingly good 2017, muthafuckas...

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    fantastic start what a ass

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    Would only like to see her exposing her thong full glory in public, TRUE Whaletail candids are the hottest!!!

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    Quote Originally Posted by Queno- View Post
    Would only like to see her exposing her thong full glory in public, TRUE Whaletail candids are the hottest!!!
    You're absolutely right. I'll take the pictures down then.

    Jesus, this section....

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    The pictures have been deleted already?

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    Some peoples kids....

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    Op I hope you realize I don't mean you

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    I'll throw my hat into the ring, my wife!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    your wife has a fabulous ass, how old is she, how often you have sex. does she swallow, lets see more of her and her panty drawer

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    Re: Randoms & One-time Posters

    I like the idea of this thread just some randoms. I have a few pictures that are just stand alone that don't make up a post worthy set. I'm sure those of us who are content providers understand what I'm talking about. The cranky model who isn't "in the mood" or when your only allowed to take one picture because she wants it. Feel me? Ok enough of me talking all you guys care about is seeing my wife.

    To the community....

    I know it's not the best quality but I'm sure you get the general idea.

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