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Thread: why not

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    why not

    a few of my friends and i have been tossing around the idea of selling some our or old underwear. it started as a joke between friends and i said it was totally possible to do without being weird. we are not going to do anything kinky, simply selling some of our underwear. if anyone is interested message me and we can talk about what you are looking for. we will not model for pics sorry. i know its a big thing around here but not something any of us are comfortable with.

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    Re: why not

    my first attempt at uploading. sorry if its wrong. who is interested in the first round?

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    Re: why not

    i'm not one to buy, but i know guys pay more for non-washed thongs...

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    Re: why not

    over 250 views and no one is interested? are we doing something wrong? or should i just delete this and forget about it?

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    Re: why not

    Interested in 3 pair, PM me....

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    Re: why not

    delete. no interest

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    Re: why not

    more satin!!!

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    Re: why not

    Quote Originally Posted by tjones View Post
    more satin!!!
    does that mean youre interested? i deleted because there has been over 450 views and apparently no real interest. if you are interested pm me.

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    Re: why not

    You guys still selling? Also there would probably be a lot more offers if you included 1 picture otherwise how do we even know they are yours. That's part of the whole fantasy just saying...
    Last edited by Ubuntu1; 16-03-2017 at 05:59 AM.

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