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Thread: Air BNB?

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    Re: Air BNB?

    I will be going to an Air BNB soon. I should be able to look for some goodies. Also bringing one of my wifes female friends along, might have a rummage through her panties as well. ^^

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    Re: Air BNB?

    Good job guys, keep on raiding!

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    Re: Air BNB?

    Yesterday we had an airbnb renter at our place. When she was going to work i went for a sneak preview. What i found in her case were 2 lace panties and 2 thongs. Knowing she is going to wear them the next 4 days made me turn on. I didnt make pictures, but i will if i get te chance!

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    Re: Air BNB?

    would love to see those panties

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    Re: Air BNB?

    I second that. Lol

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    Re: Air BNB?

    Ok i went to the appartment early in the evening. The girl was not there to hand me the key, so i could not have a chat with the girls appartment i was going to raid. I was really exited if i was going to hit the jackpot. She hide they key under the doormat. When i entered the appartment she left a note that i could use all rooms, except one. Offcourse i knew what was in that room. So i went straight for that room and i found a drying frame with very cute cloths and some panties,they were all thongs! Than i searched trough the room and found her panty drawer, with even more thongs. Oh i was so exiting and horny at that moment. I tried some of her lingerie and cloths and continue raiding that room. I found a laundry basket with some dirty thongs as well. You could imagine what kind of evening i had.

    I did not take pictures, too busy raiding next time i definately will for you.

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    Re: Air BNB?

    How old was the girl, what size were her panties, how did her dirty thongs smell

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    Re: Air BNB?

    I had two air BnB's and had no luck at either... all the dressers were empty. And the friend that went with us I was not able to be alone in the house. We were always together. I did get to see her in a towel out of the shower but that was boring... lol.

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    Re: Air BNB?

    That's too bad irthonger

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