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Thread: Thongs and the gym

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    Thongs and the gym

    Hey all!

    Hope everyone is okay. Just wanted some opinions as to which thongs you guys where to the gym? Just started working out and need one with good support for working out in.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    I normally wear cocksox style thong as it gives you a nice big bulge to show off!

    Also sometimes wear women's sexy thongs as I like the reactions from the cleaning lady's if they are in the men's changing room

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Ergowear max light is my bet. I wear them most days.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Recently Iíve been changing in the gym after my early morning workout and have chats whilst wearing my thong with the female cleaner!

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    I only ever wear thongs to work out in and usually sport a thong from Bodyaware under some compressions. I normally have a PT session later in the evening when the gym is more quiet so its pretty much me and my PT in the gym so I don't like to wear shorts over my compressions. Wearing thongs certainly helps lift my package up I have a more prominent bulge that I have caught her looking at. A VTL is pretty obvious when doing squats to which she normally stands from behind. This one time I did wear a white coloured compression with a bright blue thong underneath and it very clear as day I what underwear I was wearing as in the mirror I could see the blue very clearly through my compressions. My PT commented on my thong saying I should be more careful with my choice of colour when wearing white or go commando. I pretended to act shocked as if I didn't realise I was on show as I was getting a kick out of her liking what she saw. I apologised and said I would be more careful next time but she reassured me its ok and said it was pretty hot as she's had instances when her thong was on show. I asked her if that happened often and she turned around and bent over and asked if I could tell her if her thong was on show. I couldn't see what colour she was wearing but you could definitely see her thong outline.

    The next session I had I decided to go commando as she recommended. I was running a tad late so I quickly changed out of my thong and slipped on my compressions and ran out the changing room. When she saw me she gasped a little bit and it was only when I looked in the mirror that my cock was in clear sight. Seeing this was not planned I did feel a bit exposed and started to get semi hard. It was quite thrilling to be walking around the gym with people being able to see that I was not wearing any underwear - at the end she said as much as she liked seeing my hard dick it was probably better to wear a thong to cover up in case other members got annoyed. I agreed and said i needed to go into the showers and take care of my throbbing dick.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    loved your story

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Great story, thongz. Did anything happen after that? Do you still see her?
    I just wear my work thong to the gym. But I try to wear cotton because it absorbs sweat well. I sometimes get bold and work out in tights. Some pictures to go along with this post.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    She's still my PT and we've hooked up a number of times as during my sessions she's always trying to get me hard so that my dick bulges through. I've been wearing thongs more as of late as its pretty obvious when I go commando and having my dick on display isn't probably the best thing with so many women in the gym. However having said this I was made to do a class with 3 other chicks as part of my PT session and i was wearing a black thong under my compressions. Being white the thong was very visible so i got a lot of whispering n giggling from the other women. To make things worse my PT made me be the volunteer to show how to do the exercises properly. There i was bending over with a clear whale tail and as i have my back to the others all i hear is laughing. To my surprise my PT then goes Yes we all know that he is wearing the same type of underwear we all are and joined in the laughing. As humiliating as that was it was pretty hot that I got a hard on - only my pt could see this as she was standing face on to me but then she smiled and instructed me to turn around so that i was standing in front of 3 women with my penis fully erected. Turns out she planned this so called class just to humiliate me but in return we fucked in the gym after closing time which made it all worth while.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    loved your story, wish could be there

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Lol, great story. Damn, your PT is one wild lady. I'd be hard if she humiliated me like that.
    Do you have any photos of her? How often do you fuck her? Is she an avid thonger or does she switch it up? How often does she wear thongs?

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