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Thread: Thongs and the gym

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    We fuck after most sessions because we fool around during my work out so it's hard not to continue and I always book the hour before closing time and she tells the rest of the team she will close up. Once she knows everyone is out is when we start having the real fun - before this she will just let me have a whaletail if I'm wearing a thong on display in front of other women members or if I'm going commando in shorts she gets me in positions where my cock hangs out, one time this happened she got on her knees next to me and started milking my dick pretending to check my form.

    She normally is a thonger but when it's my PT session I send her a text the night before and request what I want her to wear and after the session I get to see what panties she's got on, normally I just choose either thong or g string and then when I fuck her on the equipment or in the locker that's when I find out the colour and material. The best time is when I requested her to work out in a pearl thong! That got her juices really going that there was a clear wet patch on the pussy part of her compressions. It's really a win win cos I only pay for an hour PT but end up working out for 2 =)

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    what a story, wish that was me

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Had another session with my PT and wore a g string with my shorts, something I rarely do and she asked me why I wasn't going commando. Apparently she could tell as there wasn't the usual bulge when my dick flops back and forth. She told me to remove my string so I made direction to the locker room before she stops me and says no just strip right here. I looked around and there were only one or two female staff across the other side of the gym so I did want she wanted and hiked my shorts down and then my g string. I handed her my string and she cupped my cock and balls to get me hard and said thats better. Since I was keeping an eye out for the other staff seeing me I didn't notice she had taken my shorts and walked in the direction of the other women. There I was standing with just my top on with a boner and she tells out for me to warm up. I didn't really know what to do so just covered my cock and waited to see if she would return. She did return but with one other staff and they were both giggling as the other woman who I didn't know was stretching my g string in front of her saying nice underwear but no wonder you were asked to take them off as there's no way u could hold your erection in these! I tried asking for my shorts back before someone saw me naked from the bottom down but my PT said no we will be doing somdthi g diffetent tonight and we ended up having a threesome in the sauna. Safe to say I exerted much more energy in that work out!

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    What a lucky dude, tell us about the other staff member, how hot was she.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    You're one lucky man. You must be loving this haha.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Had another session but this time when I saw her she was wearing a skirt, before i went to get changed she whispered to me to leave my thong in my bag and go commando. I thought she was going to change but after I came out of the locker room she was still in that short skirt showing her long legs. I quickly found out why she wanted me not to sport my thong as we hit some chest exercises and she spotted me standing right on top of my face as I got to look up her skirt with every rep! She wore a thong as usual but this time it was crotchless, and there was her smoothly shaved pussy. It wasn't long till I got hard and my erection was poking out of my gym shorts. Our whole work out consisted of my cock hanging out at full mast and her upskirting me in various positions showing me her pussy getting wet as the hour went by. One or two times her colleagues did get a glimpse of my dick but they didn't say anything just smile at her so I'm sure she told them what we get up to. We finished the session in the showers together, just went into the men's locker room stripped down leaving our clothes on the bench and headed into the showers. Always great when my dick gets a free work out too.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Holy shit these stories are fucking epic haha. Keep em coming. Your PT sounds like a kinky lady . I'd do a lifetime membership to this gym if I were you Are you in the US, these stories sound like straight out of a porno it is amazing lmao
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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    Great photos, but we want photos too.

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    Re: Thongs and the gym

    oh my loved it, I got so hard, love to see a picture of her

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