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Thread: My lovely Aussie wife.

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    She should do public exposing of her whaletails on the balcony of your house, or in a coffee shop, restaurant or sports stadium.

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    yes Show us a public whaletail

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Queno and other ones who is interested of public exposing I hope that we have taken pictures as you expecting.
    We took a ride to the our village house and took a sun bath on the roof/balcony. I know it does not look best place but we felt private there So we hope you like this set of pictures. Enjoy it and we love to read your comments. So feel free to comment for example my wife's boobs

    IMG_6521.jpg IMG_6522.jpg IMG_6525.jpg IMG_6526.jpg IMG_6527.jpg IMG_6530.jpg IMG_6537.jpg IMG_6538.jpg IMG_6539.jpg IMG_6540.jpg IMG_6541.jpg IMG_6542.jpg IMG_6543.jpg IMG_6544.jpg IMG_6545.jpg IMG_6546.jpg IMG_6547.jpg IMG_6548.jpg IMG_6549.jpg

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Great update. Happy Australia Day. Great that she's thonging in public. I hope you two have a great day.

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    WOW, wish I could of seen her, great pictures

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Truly hot. Lovely ass!!!
    Please, keep sharing it!

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Hi our friends and mates! We are here after some time Did you miss us? Because we have missed you so much. I hope you like our new update.
    This set of pictures are made only for you - preparation for ice-cream in Darling Harbour again. We simply love it ! Do you like my lovely wife guys? I simply love her !
    CIMG5533.jpg CIMG5534.jpg CIMG5536.jpg CIMG5537.jpg CIMG5538.jpg CIMG5539.jpg CIMG5540.jpg CIMG5541.jpg CIMG5542.jpg CIMG5544.jpg CIMG5545.jpg

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Oh yes, I like your wife. Can't get enough of her. You're lucky to have her. You should treat her well.

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    so sexy........can't wait to see more

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    I got a b'day present from my lovely aussie wife. Have a guess what was that ? Yes, you right! Anal sex. And we would like to share it with you Comments please !!!!!
    IMG_1783.jpg IMG_1785.jpg IMG_1786.jpg IMG_1787.jpg IMG_1788.jpg IMG_1789.jpg IMG_1790.jpg IMG_1791.jpg IMG_1792.jpg

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