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Thread: My lovely Aussie wife.

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Hello guys. We hope you are doing well! We had few days off so we traveled a bit. And of course we have been thinking of you. So here you are some pictures from our trip. Comments means that we will continue with our thread... So ? Enjoy this thong handjob set.
    CIMG6378.jpg CIMG6379.jpg CIMG6380.jpg CIMG6381.jpg CIMG6384.jpg CIMG6385.jpg CIMG6386.jpg CIMG6387.jpg CIMG6392.jpg CIMG6394.jpg CIMG6395.jpg CIMG6395.jpg CIMG6396.jpg CIMG6397.jpg CIMG6399.jpg CIMG6400.jpg

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    AMAZING update, I simply love that thong, love to have it

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Great update for sure! Can't get enough!

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    blue panties are hot, were they wet?

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    LOVE the white thong set from Jan 18 .. MORE like these pls

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    she is such a hottie
    more of her showing whale tail

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Hello guys again We have hoped that you missed us so much! Here we came again with new hot set Perhaps you have seen this thong already but my wife took them to tease me. And it worked again So here we are and please do not forget comment us please
    IMG_1964.jpg IMG_1969.jpg IMG_1970.jpg IMG_1971.jpg IMG_1972.jpg IMG_1973.jpg IMG_1974.jpg IMG_1975.jpg IMG_1976.jpg IMG_1977.jpg IMG_1979.jpg IMG_1980.jpg IMG_1982.jpg IMG_1987.jpg IMG_1988.jpg IMG_1989.jpg IMG_1990.jpg IMG_1994.jpg IMG_1995.jpg IMG_1999.jpg IMG_2002.jpg IMG_2003.jpg IMG_2005.jpg IMG_2008.jpg IMG_2009.jpg IMG_2010.jpg IMG_2011.jpg IMG_2012.jpg IMG_2013.jpg IMG_2012.jpg IMG_2014.jpg IMG_2016.jpg

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    Love these sets, your wife is super hot!

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    Re: My lovely Aussie wife.

    WOW! sure got me going

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