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Thread: Ex Gf

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    Re: Ex Gf

    tell us a little about her

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    Re: Ex Gf

    Quote Originally Posted by poth2747 View Post
    tell us a little about her
    She’s 28. Loves dick. Like really loves dick.
    Always fell asleep
    Holding my dick that’s how much she likes it. 178379D6-3963-47B2-A64F-A18E3C31A39F.jpg

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    Re: Ex Gf

    how often did you have sex, did she swallow, what type of panties did she wear

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    Re: Ex Gf

    she`s a hottie
    Show us more

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    Re: Ex Gf

    Damn!! Love that butt!! I know what you mean, my girl loves falling asleep the same way.

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    Re: Ex Gf

    Hell yeah. She is super hot. Got anymore pics to share?

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