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Thread: Panties and Faces

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    Panties and Faces

    I think there used to be a thread with girls faces and their thongs/panties that people had the chance to take pics of. I know that part of clthong's collection is whaletails and faces but this was just girls from fb or other social media along with a pic of their clean or dirty underwear. I have a couple to share and hopefully others do too

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    Here's the first one, actually of her in a sexy thong: wailin1.jpgIMG_4924.jpg

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    Red face Re: Panties and Faces

    here is a little, yet sexy contribution to get 'thongs' rolling here

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    Bet her ass tastes good

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    I remember that girl from before!

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    hope you post more

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    Last edited by pwettypanties; 26-02-2018 at 08:17 PM. Reason: Wrong pic

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    Good idea for a thread!

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    Here's another girl and one of her thongs:grace1.jpggrace2.jpgIMG_5655.jpg

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    Re: Panties and Faces

    would love to sniff her thongs, lets see more of her

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