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Thread: Third Person Thong Story

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    Third Person Thong Story

    A friend of mine moved away a few years back due to a better job opportunity, last week he was in in town for a funeral. We hung out in the evenings and pounded some beers, we hadn't seen each other or talked for awhile so a lot of old stories were told and discussions were had. At some point my ex-g/f was mentioned and that conversation lasted for awhile, he was fairly drunk so I'm sure he lingered on the the subject longer than he normally would have. Anyway....during the conversation he shared the times he recalled seeing her thong; now my ex-g/f was a few years younger than his wife and about 25 lbs lighter, which made me think he got some added "pleasure" from seeing my ex's thong. I was surprised at his re-collection and specific details; he mentioned one time we were bowling, he said my ex was wearing low rise jeans and a white t-shirt, he remembered seeing her light blue Victoria's Secret thong (and he specifically mentioned that all her thongs had Victoria's Secret on the waistband). He even said that he started buying or encouraging his wife to buy that style of thong. Another time a group of us went to Orlando for a long weekend, he remembered that we took a shuttle van from the hotel to one of the parks, he was sitting behind her and as she sat down and when she got up to get out of the van he saw her black VS thong with teal stripes. Another time we were at a little league baseball game, he said my ex was wearing grey sweatpants, a red polo shirt and a red VS thong. He said his favorite was at his daughters birthday party, my ex was wearing low rise jeans and an orange t-shirt, he said initially he only saw the light blue waistband but when she knelt down to help his daughter open a package her thong popped out more and the thong was white with multi-colored flowers, he said he even took a few pictures. I laughed and said that I remembered all those times and asked him to find that b-day picture and send it to me. For all the years we hung out I didn't know he was a whaletail junkie and if it wasn't for his being drunk I'm he wouldn't have said anything. I'm sure he had more stories and hopefully in the future I can get him drunk and see what else he can recall.

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    Re: Third Person Thong Story

    Bet he stole some and got off on them..

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    Re: Third Person Thong Story

    one amazing story, loved it

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    Re: Third Person Thong Story

    You’ll have to post that picture if you get it from him :-)

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