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Thread: Thongs with Friends

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    Thongs with Friends

    So I figured I would start a new thread about anyone who has a friend or friends (guy or girl) that knows that we wear thongs and possibly wears them as well and be able to share stories of you have any.

    I have 4, 1 is my wife, 1 is my SIL, 1 is a guy, and the other is my best friends wife. All wear things and all know I wear them too. I'll start with my wife. She's tall, skinny, 32c, wears large thongs. She's known for years that i wear them and is completely cool with it and even likes it. It's the same with my SIL, tall, skinny, 36D, wears medium thongs. She even let's me wear hers and let's me cum on her thongs.

    My buddy, hes known for about 3 years. We've hung out a few times and hes seen my whaletail and I've seen his. Hes even givin me some of his ex-wife's things and I've given him some of my wifes and SIL's.

    My best friends wife, let's call her JH. She had known for a while. Tall, curvy, 36C, large/xl thongs. I have loads of stories about her but I'll start with the most recent. We ride to work together because we work in the same building. Every Monday we came up with this little game that she picks what thong I wear and I pick what thong she wears. Today she picked her leopard print vs signature vstring for me and I picked her purple vs signature thong for her and on the way to and from work we have to show a whaletail. I honestly think she gets more of a thrill out of it than I do.

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    love your story

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    My wife knows, obviously - I told her within weeks of starting to date her. Needed to test that out as soon as possible to see if it was cool. She always liked my ass in a thong. She tells me I have a nicer ass than her (but I disagree, of course).

    This is just humiliating, but technically my mom knows because she walked into my bathroom once while I was just standing there in a thong, ass facing her. Nothing was ever said, lol.

    Also humiliating, my sister might know. I used to raid her panty drawer, which was 90% thongs and g-strings. One day she came home with a Victoria's Secret haul, a bunch of v-strings, and randomly asked me "so, you want to wear my leopard-print thong?" I said nothing, and she just laughed and walked away. (Later that day, I caught her flaunting her new v-string over her low-rise jeans...which was completely normal in 2003.)

    An old guy friend might know because I accidentally whaletailed one day. I just realized my thong was showing at one point, but nothing was ever said thankfully.

    My wife's best friend knows. She frequently compliments my ass in front of my wife, which my wife is cool with. One night she got my wife's permission to feel my ass, and I was wearing thin sweatpants and a thong. She said something like, "ooh, it's so soft!" and asked if I had any underwear on. I simply said yes, not specifying what kind.

    Then another night, she was talking about thongs with my wife, as they were both doing a "thong challenge" where they can only wear thongs for a month (or maybe longer). Then the friend asked me if I've ever worn a thong before. I didn't see any point in hiding it, so I said "Yeah, I'm wearing one right now actually. I wear thongs about 50% of the time." And she was just pleasantly surprised, saying "oh! Well you should wear a thong with an ass like that!" Not gonna lie, that comment got me pretty hard.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this one! This girl I used to like back in high school most likely saw my thong. She had a crush on me too. We were doing some kind of science project at school with everyone sitting on the floor. I was wearing my sister's red v-string that day. My pants were just regular-fitting jeans that I thought would stay covering my thong...but after sitting on the floor a while, they slid down enough to give me a whaletail. The girl went to grab some equipment. When she returned, she casually stood behind me for a minute but just continued talking about the project. However, her voice changed slightly, as if she was trying not to sound surprised. She just hesitated slightly like, "oh, um...yes, let's do that" and then went back to work. Only later did I feel my thong and tuck it away. She never directly mentioned it, but there's no way she could have missed my red v-string showing above blue jeans while standing right behind me. In those days, I didn't want anyone to know I'm a thong guy, so I never brought it up. In retrospect, I think she totally liked my thong and would've been down to hook up, lol. But we never did, sadly...sorry that couldn't have a more epic ending, but at least you know I'm being honest.
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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    amazing story, doesn't get much better then that.

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    I have another story about a former FWB. Some of you know her from my previous postings, AR. My favorite story about her is one day we went fishing out on my boat. I told her instead of bathing suits we should wear thongs instead and she said ok. So were out on the water fishing and she decides she wanted to go swimming so she took off her clothes and got down to her white bra and multicolored flirtitude thong and jumped in. I took off my shorts and jumped in as well. As she was getting out another boat went past us and got a very nice view of her ass. After that we just fished wearing only our thongs for the rest of the day/evening.

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    A great way to fish, wish I would of seen her ass

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    So its Monday which means that JH and I choose what thongs we wear only today we did something a little different. Normally she will pick one of my thongs for me to wear and vice versa. I texted her last night and said she should choose one of hers for me to wear and I would choose one of mine for her to wear and she was cool with it. So I get to her place and she hands me a pink vs thong with a black lace waist and I handed her my buddies ex-wife's black lace playboy tback. We get in the car and were about to leave and she asks if we could ride to work with no pants on. I said sure and we drove to work with no pants on and I got a huge hard on. Jokingly she said I should take care of that before going in. I wanted to tell her to take care of it but I knew better than to say that. We put our bangs back on and she gets out with a huge whaletail and I told her she should leave it all day

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Pants, not bangs. Stupid autocorrect

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Let's see some pics?

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    hi!! my best ever experience, was last summer.I met a guy from another forum and he is into thongs as i am. He had a gf from china and both of them visited us in Athens.We spent together some days. We are all full time thongers.We visited several beaches and the common behavior was this : We ( me, my wife, him and his wife) had our swimthongs on , under our shorts on the way to the beach.then, after our swim, we changed to clean and fresh underwear thongs and go for food/coffee/ice cream or whatever. we were so comfortable with each other , so if someone showed whaletail,the rest of us just comment in a positive way, about how look it shows etc. of course we had long conversations about thongs, which of them are comfortable, which one we like more and why, how is the feeling of the thong we have on etc...
    For me, the most enjoyable thing from all this, was the feeling/thought that all of us we have something between our cheeks hehehe...

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