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Thread: Thongs with Friends

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Quote Originally Posted by some guy View Post
    The thong challenge was a huge success. The friend used to not like wearing thongs, but she keeps extending the challenge! We hung out recently and she mentioned that she was wearing a thong under her skirt. Almost every time we see her, she seems to comment on her thongs in a positive way. I think she's addicted, lol.
    So, is the friend single? hahahaha. That's awesome how she's into thongs now. Who came up with the challenge idea and why? Did your wife not like wearing thongs either or was she just trying to get her friend to make the switch?

    This story totally supports my theory that I posted a few days ago about the women who are the most enthusiastic and addicted to thongs often tend to be the same women who were most resistant to wearing them.

    Quote Originally Posted by some guy View Post
    I don't know her opinion of thongs, but she's pretty old and probably never worn them. It's funny how older generations tend to view butts as unappealing or just neutral, but younger generations view butts as inherently attractive. We've really glorified butts to the point where they need to be dressed up and shown off at all times. For those older generations, thongs are just silly and weird, but for us they accentuate the sexiest part of the body.

    But yeah, I love being part of the generation where the majority of us are walking around with fabric up our butts, haha. Generation Thong!
    Yeah, millennials get a lot of shit and we definitely were dealt a bad hand economically, but it's all worth it to be part of the Thong Generation! It is funny how older generations simply cannot comprehended the thong thing, yet for us (women at least) having your underwear up your butt is expected and part of a normal daily routine. That's why it's awesome to discover an older woman who wears thong underwear!

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Not a story about JH but one about my SIL, CC. I got off work early and when I got home CC was out back on the deck sun bathing in a bikini. I grabbed a beer and went out back and sat down and we talked for about an hour or so before I jokingly said she should tan topless and in a thong. She laughed and said she would tan in a thong but not topless but I had to as well. I said ok so I went inside and grabbed her pink candies microfiber gstring hipster for her and a purple cotton thong I had bought a while ago. I put on the purple thong and walked back outside and handed her her thong. She went in and put it on and we laid in the sun for about another hour or so before she had to leave.

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    No kidding kuno23

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    This morning my wife got up when I did because she had to be at work early. When she got dressed she put on her purple candies microfiber gstring hipster and matching bra and I put on my SIL's white vs pink lace back vstring. It was JH's turn to drive so when she picked me up she alteady had her pants down and was wearing a pink vs signature vstring

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Would have loved to seen that

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    So yesterday I was hangin out with JH for the majority of the day. I had on my wife's purple candies microfiber gstring hipster and she had on a pink lace vs pink thong. We went to a couple stores and the whole time she was whaletailing and it got me so hard. This morning I picked her up for work and was wearing her leopard print vs signature thong. She got in the car and took off her pants and she had on the same leopard print thong. I just laughed and said looks like we match and she said that she was wearing a matching bra to and lifted her shirt. It took everything I had not to cum all over the place and she could tell I was ready to blow.

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    My wife and I were at the grocery store yesterday and there was a woman there (I'd say she was in her early 30s) wearing a white thong bodysuit. I didnt even notice it at first my wife pointed it out. She kinda elbowed me and said "what if i wore one of those?" And pointed it out. The lady was bent over gettin something off the bottom shelf and the bottom of the body suit was just barely visible above her shorts. I just laughed and said "if you want one go for it".

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Quote Originally Posted by Gbanger View Post
    So, is the friend single? hahahaha. That's awesome how she's into thongs now. Who came up with the challenge idea and why? Did your wife not like wearing thongs either or was she just trying to get her friend to make the switch?
    The friend is also married. Her husband is also pretty cool and liberal with his wife, so we have double dates all the time. My wife will flash her ass in a thong sometimes, the friend let me feel her tits, and it's all mutually agreed upon.

    The friend actually challenged herself to wear thongs every day because she liked the freedom and sex appeal but needed to overcome the wedgie feeling. My wife already converted years ago.

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    that's fuckin' hot some guy. You're living the dream!

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    Re: Thongs with Friends

    Picked up JH this morning and she was flashing her purple vs signature thong and I showed her the leopard print vs signature vstring she had givin me. On the way to work she asked if I wanted another thong. Of course I said hell yes so she dug into her purse and hands me a white lace waist vs thong. I asked if she wanted me to buy her some new ones and she said "No. I kinda want another one like your wife wears." So today after work if my wife isnt home were gonna swing by my place and ill grab her one of my wifes thongs.

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