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Thread: My collection :)

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    Re: My collection :)

    Thank you for posting. Oh wow, you've got a nixe tushie. So you only wear thongs?

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    Re: My collection :)

    Looking good!!! Can’t wait to see more! Bet that ass has a real nice little jiggle to it!!

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    Re: My collection :)

    thanks for the "jiggle" And @kiyoothong: I almost only wear thongs, but occasionally you can see me wearing something like this:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: My collection :)

    VERY nice ass, what size are the panties, lets see more

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    Re: My collection :)

    is that a question you would ask a lady? ;P

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    Re: My collection :)

    Great panties! Ever get caught whaletailing in public?? Can't wait to see more!

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    Re: My collection :)

    Yes I've got caught in public but I don't have any photos of these so far will tell my boy to take one for you though :*
    Here you see the front


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    Re: My collection :)

    Love it!! A little cheeky fun!! Something about watching a ladies ass eat them sexy little panties up always looks sexy to me!

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    Re: My collection :)

    ha ha yah, even more so when your boyfriend pulls them up all the time

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