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Thread: Dares

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    Hey guys,

    My gf only wears thongs and she leaves a lot at my house. I never tried wearing one. I want to but never had the courage, I respond well to dares and was hoping people could give me some incentive and ideas

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    Re: Dares

    I dare you to wear her thong when you're having sex with her. I think this should be easy. You and your gf are both naked and you wear her thong out of kink and curiosity.

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    Re: Dares

    Ill ask her if shes okay with it, I hope she says yes

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    Re: Dares

    Update : She said yes! Were going to do it in a couple of minutes Ill let yall know what happens

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    Re: Dares

    Oh guys it was amazing, she remembered before I said a word and tossed me a blue silky thong of hers and we got to work, everything was going pretty much the same way it always does and she reaches around, grabs the thong and gives me a wedgie. Honestly the silk felt so good that I finished right there. Best weve ever had

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    Re: Dares

    good boy. Now, get her hot into it!

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    Re: Dares

    Hey so that went well. I've got another dare for you. You should surprise her by wearing her thong. Don't get her permission this time. Just wear her thong and go "tada".

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    Re: Dares

    Kiyoothong I can give it a shot, shes sleeping right now, Im kinda nervous for that one

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    Re: Dares

    keep us posted, champ!

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