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Thread: Some gf thongs

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    Very sexy gf !

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    She’s so fucking hot. Please show us more of her

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    Damn, what a smokeshow. I love how that thong rides her ass.

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    Slammin' body with a great cheeky shot

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    Quote Originally Posted by Gbanger View Post
    Damn, what a smokeshow. I love how that thong rides her ass.
    yeah it happens but its difficult to take a picture, she is pretty and hot but hate the things of voyeur and that stuff because in the high school a friend stolen almos all of her panties and second she hates the term "slut" because she not is that, she is hot but she wears sexy hot underwear but nothing than says im slut or mini micro thongs

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    And by the way I just found what panties are her next target of her, the Balmain she really loves VS

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    She order this panties from VS today I saw her phone when its was making the order,

    As faster I can I will be uploaded the pictures

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    This its from today, she came from her work and I was watching T.V and she was talking with me and she change tho netflix and she was paying more attention to the show and she start to undress and I was on the edge of the bed and she didnt was paying me attention and I take this snap picture really fast

    She almost pulldown her thong with her pant because her finger was stuck in her thong a little bit more and almost expose her pussy

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    DID you get laid, that's one amazing ass!

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    Re: Some gf thongs

    don't stop she is sooo sxy!

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