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Thread: Glamour VTL girls

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    Glamour VTL girls

    Showing of the VTLs is not a negligence, it is kind of style. Thread shows us that many of dresses are designed especially for wearing with thongs. Moreover, self-enshured women like to show off the VTLs. So, let me start posting.

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    Great start, love VTL

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    Hey guys! Are you ready? Here we go! My favorite one. This girl knows that transparent tight skirt + thongs are very sexy Could anybody x-ray this to figure out the thong brand? IMG_20180627_172401.jpg

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    Nothing like a VTL

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    I wish I had x-ray vision. I would like to know what my boss wears under her dress.

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    One of the testiest picture, please have a look:IMG_20170810_140845_BURST13.jpg

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    One more, please enjoyIMG_20180508_192847_BURST6.jpg

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    Re: Glamour VTL girls

    Nice lets see more

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