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Thread: Girls Saying Thong

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    Girls Saying Thong

    The third installment of the Girls Saying Thong Series : )

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    Probably the most erotic word in the world

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    Love these, thanks a lot! Would it be please possible to get an edit which offer a bit more context and more of the sentence like the one that says "I like thongs", love to hear things like "My thong", "I got a thong on" etc.

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    I loved the video

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    Thanks for posting

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    Video 4 of the Series : )

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    Love to see more.

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    really love it man, thanks a lot! appreciate the fact there is a bit more context given in this video this time rather than just saying the word thong on its own

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    Re: Girls Saying Thong

    That was really good

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