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Thread: Deliberate or Accidental?

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    Deliberate or Accidental?

    Which do you prefer? A girl who shows her thong totally on purpose or one who does it accidentally completely oblivious to how sexy she looks?

    Personally I like a skanky bitch who shows it off on purpose.


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    Re: Deliberate or Accidental?

    ACCIDENTALLY I prefer.

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    Re: Deliberate or Accidental?

    Accidentally. There is a "forbidden fruit" aspect to an accidental whaletail since you are not supposed to see it, and it makes the sighting even hotter.

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    Re: Deliberate or Accidental?

    If she were my girlfriend or wife, on purpose, but just any girl, accidental. I love the idea of telling them and they either get embarrassed or don't care.

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    Re: Deliberate or Accidental?

    both, the accidental one when it is the complete stranger or the one girl you know you have no chance with. Deliberate because you know she's a horny slut you might easily get undress if you're smart enough

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    Re: Deliberate or Accidental?

    Accidental is always better! Something about seeing what your not supposed to see is awesome!

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    Re: Deliberate or Accidental?


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