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Thread: Wife

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    Re: Wife

    Thanks guys I enjoy doing this. I'm glad people are loving this and responding it really makes me continue to get pics in.
    I didn't get a good pic of it peaking unfortunately. But got a tiny shot then took a pic of it in the laundry and some of her signature vs stuff

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    Re: Wife

    Love all her thongs, sure would love to sniff them.

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    Re: Wife

    love her VS collection, hope to see those peeking out her jeans in the future

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    Re: Wife

    Those are amazing! Thanks for granting my request. Hope to see more of those peaking out. Appreciate it

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    Re: Wife

    Those are some nice strings! Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Wife

    Was hoping to get a thong shot got some low quality boob pics


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    Re: Wife

    Very nice set of boobs

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    Re: Wife

    No tails yet today but a few ass shots

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    Re: Wife

    Nice ass, can I spank her

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    Re: Wife


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