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Thread: Wife

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    Re: Wife

    More bed time peekage

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    Re: Wife

    Wow! panty peeks are so exciting.

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    Re: Wife

    Sexy slips. Does she sleep in thongs?

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    Re: Wife

    Under her pajamas yes

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    Re: Wife

    She is wearing a maroon vs thong will try to get pics of it (we are out shopping) or b4 bed they usually peek. If not I'll find them in the laundry and share

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    Re: Wife

    Can you take out all of her VS signature thongs from her drawer and take a few pictures? I love the waistband on those.

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    Re: Wife

    great thong slip pics

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    Re: Wife

    Looking forward to seeing that thong.

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    Re: Wife

    Your wife is a babe! I love her whaletail slips! This is becoming one of my favorite threads. I love that she wears thong underwear to sleep too. I've always believed that you can determine a true thong girl not by whether she wears a thong under tight leggings, but by whether she wears a thong underneath her pajamas to bed.

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    Re: Wife

    Hot wife! Love all the peeks, especially that last threestring one. So hot!

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