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Thread: College fun with Rose

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    College fun with Rose

    So this thread is for my made up fiction fantasy stories. I’ve got a few chapters that I’ll spread out over time. Honestly I’m not worried about grammar that much and I don’t really want to hear any remarks about it. Just enjoy the stories and let me know what you think.

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    Chapter 1- Exciting School Experience
    I walk into my English class of my 2nd semester of college and sit in the back row; which I've got all to myself. A few minutes after me my girlfriend Rose walks in and stares at me once she starts walking down the aisle. She's got a naughty smirk on her face which made me perk up a little more to figure out what she's up to. As soon as she turns around to sit down it hits me and I know exactly what she's smiling about. She bought a new pair of white spandex pants that are nice and tight to show off her beautiful ass and immediately I'm able to tell she's gotta be wearing some kind of thong because there's no underwear lines. My mouth drops, my heart starts to pound fast, and my cock begins to stiffen. Class begins and it seems like every 10 seconds I look back at my girlfriend and am constantly looking at the top of her pants to see if I can notice anything that would give away what she's wearing under those hot pants. Then very fast she looks back, catches where my eyes are looking before I can look up at her and she smirks at me again knowing exactly what's going through my mind as she reaches around and slowly pulls up her sexy Victoria's Secret white thong for me to see. She showed a slight amount of pleasure with her eyes closed and her mouth letting out a silent moan as I could tell that it made her thong press tight against her ass which teased her ever so slightly. I put my hand in my pocket and grabbed my cock and started rubbing it slowly. My heart is going a million miles an hour and I start to feel the precum from my cock start to soak through my underwear and pocket fabric. About 45 minutes goes by and there's a 15 minute break. We all leave to go hang out around the hallways and I meet up with my girlfriend and she says to me "aren't we all a little excited today?!" I reply "God that was amazing.” You see we've only been dating for a few months and we haven't gone all the way yet because we've been enjoying the little teases and joys that can come before we get to the big night. It seems like every day Rose is figuring out new ways to heat things up and i am enjoying every moment of being along for the ride. She looks at me and hands me an open condom and says "if you really enjoy the view I want you to prove it by cumming during class.” I'm amazed at this unexpected task and naturally grab the condom and walk into the bathroom. At this point I'm dying for a release, therefore I gladly take on this dare. I get things set and run back to class. Right before things begin my girlfriend reaches over and hands me something. I grab it from her and realize it's a small remote with a small note that says "don't go too crazy, I don't want people to notice.” That's when I realize that she just handed me a remote to her vibrating beads that I found last week in her nite stand. Things begin and I've already got my hand slowly rubbing my cock through my pocket. I look over and see her thong just teasing above her pants. I turn her remote on and start things slow. I see her mouth immediately drop and her hand move in front of her pussy over her pants discreetly. I mix it up from low to off to low to medium to low. I can tell she's dying in pleasure because her other hand is gripping the desk and she's bitting her lip with anticipation of the next big wave of vibrations. I don't want to cum too early and be stuck with a condom full of cum the rest of class so I stroke my shaft at a steady pace enjoying every moment. Rose puts a jacket over her lap pretending to be cold and puts one hand under to continue rubbing her clit a little harder without anyone noticing. After awhile I glance at the clock and see we only have about 5 more minutes. I can feel my load getting closer to exploding. I turn up the vibrator little by little higher and higher and higher. She's breathing deep at this point and I'm getting very excited watching her squirm around. With the rhythm she's making I practically feel like she's sitting on top of me fucking my cock. At that moment I can't hold my cum back and I feel my shaft pulse with cum into the condom. I see Rose hold up her hand to motion me to turn off the vibrator. I turn it off as I see her starting to shake. She has to be fighting back the urge to make noise as she orgasms in her desk. With just a minute or so to recover the bell rings and Rose takes her time to gather things up while still in shock on what she just experienced. We exit the class together both with satisfied reactions. That was one of the best classes I've ever been apart of.

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    I love your story!

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    Thanks Poth! The more people that comment, the faster i’ll post the next chapter!

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    Chapter 2- Underwear Shopping
    The next day I walk over to Rose's dorm room which she shares with her friend Maria. She has her own boyfriend so she's always in and out balancing school, work, and spending time with him. I knock on the door and Rose answers and invites me in. We hang out for awhile watching TV and then Rose asks if I want to go hang out in her room, which I never object to, so off we go. I walk in her room and notice her underwear is poured out on the bed. I react "woah what's going on here?" she replys "oh yeah, I'm just going through my underwear drawer just getting rid of old pairs and pairs I don't have interest in anymore." Then she mentions to me "hey do you want to go shopping with me? I could use your advice on new ones!” I reply "sure" while not letting on too much of the excitement I have inside. Rose has been finding out little by little my interest in underwear and has been recently tapping into the fun she can create with it. She looks over at me and smiles while taking a finger and circles around my cock over my pants while she says "I've been thinking about trying different styles and I want to get cuter sexier ones too." I nod and try to play it cool. I scan over her bed and she probably has 5 or 6 thongs and the rest are briefs or bikini style. Most are just basic solid colors from a brand like Hanes that she has built up over time so I can see why she wants to change it up a bit. She sees me staring and can tell that I'm getting excited seeing the lovely spread. She probably has 30-35 pairs. She then says "how about we go now?" I stutter back at her "uh yeah sure why not.” So we hop in the car and head over to the mall to stop at Victoria's Secret. I casually look around as she starts digging in the drawers. She looks up at me and pulls out a double string bikini style pair and a lace pair of cheekies "what do you think of these?" "Yeah those look great" I reply while trying not to let my mouth hang open as I can't wait to see her try them out. Then I see a crotchless thong with a triple string waste band and hold them up to see what she thinks. She nods and approves my selection with a dirty grin. Then she finds a pair of silk panties and whispers in my ear "I want you to rub your cock on my ass when I wear these.” She nearly knocks the wind out of me "I can't wait" I replied. She gets 2 or 3 of each style she doesn't have including boyshorts, cheekies, and string bikinis in addition to a few more thongs and g-strings to add to her collection. She gets all sorts of attractive colors and materials like red lace and black mesh plus some of my favorite pairs VS has- their signature collection with the “Victoria's Secret” written on the waistband. After that thrill we head out of the store. As we're leaving she surprises me and says "you know I think we should go shopping for you to try a few new styles...." I pause for a moment just a little stunned and then reply "yeah sure why not!" I'm dying with curiosity to see what she has in mind. We headed to a high end department store with a few more choices then your basic walmart store would have. I typically just wear boxer briefs and on occasion I'll wear briefs. So we start looking around and then she comes across a men's thong. I'm shocked. Typically stores don't have those. She comments "oh my gosh! These would be so hot on you. You gotta try these out." I nod with a smile "yeah let's give em a try.” I'm just giddy inside. I've always wanted to try one just to see what it would feel like. We continue browsing around and she finds a few string bikini styles to change things up and then she finds a jock strap. Her mouth is just wide open in shock. "We are SO getting these. I can't wait to see your bare ass in these.” I blush a little and welcome the dare. We decide to end our shopping trip on that high note and rush back to her place and go straight to her room. She pushes me down on her bed where all of her panties are still laying all over the place. "Would you like me to model some of these for you?" "Heck yes" I reply as she's already stripping off her shirt and pants. She goes in her bathroom with her pink shiny Victoria's Secret bag and then comes out in a bright red lace cheeky pair. She heads right over and turns around to show off her ass. I'm loving how these tease a view of her butt cheeks. She backs up and starts grinding against me. My cock is already as hard as can be and she notices right away commenting "it looks like someone wants a little attention.” She turns back around, undoes my belt, and unzips my pants to discover a wet spot already on my boxer briefs. She starts rubbing my cock with her hands through my underwear. I can see my cum spot get bigger and bigger as she rubs. All I can do is look back and forth from her ass to her hand rubbing my cock. She teases me by bringing her mouth close to my bulging cock and then looks up and says "I think you should try on your new thong.” She picks up the shopping bag and digs it out. While she throws me the thong she mentions that she'll be right back. I take off my clothes, rip off the tag to the thong and slowly put the thong on. The soft fabric in the back fits snugly right between my ass cheeks and I'm surprised by the support that the front pouch offers. I walk over to Rose's mirror and check it out. I felt quite sexy in it and then I hear a whistle from behind me. I turn around to see Rose in a hot pink silk string bikini. She gives me a little show by bracing herself against the wall with one hand and rubbing her ass with her other hand. She works her way farther back to start teasing the back of her pussy. I love watching her face as she shows pleasure and enjoyment from rubbing herself over and over. She comes over and starts kissing me. She grabs my ass with one hand while the other is gripping my hair behind my head. I mirror her hands and do the same thing to her. We make out intensely. I can tell she likes how it feels to grab my bare ass and I'm loving how her ass feels in that soft fabric. Then her hand slowly follows my waistband little by little around my waist to my throbbing cock. She grabs my cock and loves how the pouch of the thong fits around my package so nicely. She plays for a little bit and then pulls my dripping wet cock out and turns around and leans over the bed. Then she surprises me and pulls up a hidden g-string she was wearing under her panties and says to me "grind that cock right against my ass.” I start grinding back and forth loving the view and the feeling of my cock slipping back and forth. She reaches around and grabs the side elastic on both sides of her ass cheeks and brings them together and wraps it over my cock so that my cock is totally surrounded by silk. I can feel my cum building to the tip of my cock. I pull the back of my thong up as high as it will go. It presses against my ass hole that shoots electricity of pleasure throughout my body. Rose sees how excited I'm getting and says "hold on big boy I've got one more thing I think you'll enjoy". She has me lay on the bed and quickly grabs all the thongs she has spread around the bed. She holds each one out one by one and wraps them around my cock. She starts rubbing my cock with all her thongs while she sucks the head of my cock. I hold out for as long as I can but the pressure gets stronger and stronger. I’m playing around with some of her other underwear with my hands as I’m watching her stroke and suck over and over. I can’t hold it back any longer and start to shoot cum right into her mouth. She moans with delight because she loves the taste of my cum. She keeps my cock in her mouth for a minute as she feels my cock pulse over and over with cum slowly dripping the last few drops in her mouth. I then push her back on the bed and start kissing her neck and slowly make my way up to her ear and whisper "your turn.” I look over and see she brought her Victoria's Secret bag back out to the bedroom next to the bed and quickly reach over and dig in the bag until I find that peekaboo thong that I picked out earlier. I take off her silk panties and help her put on her new crotchless thong. I marvel how it looks with her pussy lips peeking through. I start by kissing her stomach and then kiss my way back up to her breasts and firmly lick over her nipples twice. I continue moving upwards back to her neck. I'm laying over her still wearing my thong and I lower my body until my cock rests between her pussy lips. I start to grind her slowly as she starts to breath deeper from the sensation she gets from it. I start giving her a hicky near the back of her neck. The pressure from me sucking so hard gets her excited. She grabs my ass and starts grinding me harder against her. We grind for a bit until I feel my hicky is complete. I reach over to her night stand and grab her vibrator. I move off to the side of her and put her vibrator right by her pussy opening. I put just the tip of it in and out at a slow pace. While I'm doing that I start to circle my tongue around her breasts. Since I've already warmed her up the vibrator is easily slipping into her pussy. I can tell she's yearning for me to really pound her with it. I look down and love the sight of the vibrator fucking her while she wears that hot triple string crotchless thong. I turn on the vibrator and she lets out a moan of pleasure. I continued tongue flicking her nipple. She started to say “faster, faster, faster.” I see her rubbing her clit non stop while screaming with pleasure until she shook with a HUGE orgasm. She comments before we get cleaned up “I’ll have to take you shopping more often” and then slaps my ass.

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    Chapter 3- New Anal Experience
    Before we knew it Thanksgiving was here and Rose wanted to bring me along to go visit her family about 4 hours away. So we pack up and drive off to her parents house. Rose is driving and about 2 hours into the trip she takes an exit to what seems to be the middle of no where. Then I see this building and realize she's heading for the porn store. "Let's see what new toys we can find" she says. So we go inside. This is the first time I've been in one of these stores. There's all sorts of magazines, movies, toys, and lingerie all over the place. We head over to where the toys are. We look around for a bit and then Rose finds an anal trainer kit with 3 sizes of butt plugs "I've always wanted to try these" she says. "Oh yeah?, I didn't know you were interested in anal?" "Yeah I've heard it can be amazing. You good with that?" She asks, "yeah let's do it.” Then we walk around the corner and I see a micro g-string for women. I show Rose and she can't believe the little amount of fabric that's there. She looks behind me and says "I'll wear that if you wear this" and points out a man thong that looks to have a separate sleeve just for my cock. "I've never seen one of those" I say. "Me either but it looks hot.” We grab her pair and my pair in addition to our new toys and head on our way. We get to her families house. She's got one sister 2 years younger in high school. Sunday morning arrives and her family head off to church while we decide to sleep in. We wake up and and decide to make a big breakfast, so I head down to the basement to grab a bag of potatoes to make some hash browns. I pass by the laundry room and notice some underwear hanging up. Sure enough it was Rose's sisters underwear. Naughty little girl had all lace underwear mainly boy shorts and a few thongs. The colors covered the rainbow from reds to greens to blues and purples. All of a sudden Rose is behind me and speaks up "pretty sexy huh?!" I freak out "holy cow! I had no idea you were behind me!" "Sorry about that. So what do you think? Maybe I give one of these a try plus our new toys?!?" She grabs a few pairs and we go back upstairs. We have breakfast and then head to her old room. Immediately she strips out of her clothes and try's on an aqua blue lace thong from her sisters collection. She takes off my shirt and pulls down my pants to reveal my plain black boxer briefs. "I think we need to try something a little more exciting for you.” She takes off my underwear and grabs the new thong we picked up for me on our way. She puts it on me and we both admire the way it looks and how it fits around my cock. She turns around and bends over and starts grinding me. Her thonged ass is rubbing against my hard wrapped cock and I soon see some precum start to soak through. Rose reaches over and grabbed some lube and the smallest butt plug. She comments "I want you to fuck my ass with this. Go really slow and use lots of lube since this is my first time.” I pull the thong to the side and drown her tight ass hole with lube. I take the butt plug and cover it with lube. I put the plug right against her hole and start teasing her ass by just applying pressure on and off. She starts moaning. "Ohh that's hot" she comments. I slowly start pushing the tip in a little further. "Go ahead keep going" she mentions. Once I got about half of the plug in her it seemed to get harder to go in so I took that as my sign to stop forcing it any further and start moving back and forth. Once I started doing that she starts commenting "oh fuck me with that. That feels so good." I start to grind my cock against her ass as I make little movements back and forth with the plug. We're both so turned on. I can see her rubbing her clit and getting really excited as she moans louder and louder. She starts pushing back on the plug to make it go deeper in and out. Her breasts start swaying back and forth as she fucks the plug. I start moving the plug faster to go along with her excitement. She looks back at me as she’s biting her lip with nothing but pleasure on her face. I know we’re both imagining that we’re fucking. She pants faster and faster until she lets out a BIG sigh of relief as she orgasms. Man it was so hot seeing practically a whole butt plug in her ass. She looks over at me and says "I'll be right back.” She goes to the bathroom with the plug still in her ass and her sisters thong on. After a minute or so she comes back wearing the new micro g-string we got for her which barely covered her pussy lips. My heart skips a few beats with excitement and awe of how hot she looks. Then she pulls out the plug hiding behind her back and says "you have to try this it's so amazing!" I see she cleaned it off and I reply "ok just go really slow.” She takes off my thong for easier access and has me lay down and spreads my legs. She puts a ton of lube on my ass and anal plug and starts doing the same thing I did to her. She teases just the tip against my opening and before I knew it it was entering inside me. She waits a few seconds to let my muscles adjust to accept it. Then she goes a little further and at that point my ass was accepting it pretty well. She gets most of the way in and starts barely moving back and forth. She bends over further and sticks her ass way in the air for me to admire as she starts sucking my cock. She keeps moving the butt plug back and forth giving me dual pleasure. The butt plug feels so tight but with her lips engulfing my cock at the same time, it felt so erotic. Some how Rose always finds a way to take things to new levels. Before I came Rose stops and fumbles around in the sex store bag. "I snuck something from the sex store I thought you would like." She pulls out a vibrating cock ring. She slips it on me and turns it on. I'm floored with sensation. She grabs the lube and adds more to my ass and pours a ton on my cock. She takes one hand and starts giving me a hand job while the other goes back to moving the plug back and forth. I’m able to enjoy this for a few minutes until I start moaning really load because I can feel my cum getting close to exploding. The vibrations send me over the top as I scream out "I'm going to cum!" Rose grabs her sisters panties she was wearing and places my cock right against them as I release my load all over it. It felt so good and it was so sexy! After a minute or so Rose takes her sisters lace thong and starts licking my cum off of them and then says "nothing better than pussy juice and cum.” My jaw drops wondering exactly what she meant by that and how much pussy juice she’s tasted that I didn’t know about. The next day we're hanging outside playing some volleyball and her sister bends over and exposes the same thong Rose wore when we were messing around. Rose and I made eye contact and both smiled at each other

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    Chapter 4 - College female fun
    A few weeks pass as we’re back at college going through classes. Exams get closer and closer so Rose invites me over for a study night. I gather all my books and head over. We lay everything out in the living room and start testing each other. Eventually her roommate Maria walks in from dinner with some friends. She’s wearing a strapless shirt and tight black spandex pants. She sits on the bench by the shoe rack and bends all the way over to take off her shoes. That’s when both Rose and I saw her hot pink Victoria’s Secret thong slip above her pants with the signature Victoria’s Secret waistband. I could hear Rose faintly whisper “fuck that’s hot.” I look back at her with 1 eyebrow raised, she blushes a little and then asks Maria “do you want to come study with us?” Maria comments “yeah I should probably get on that.” All of a sudden I see Maria look down at Roses low cut shirt and wonder if studying isn’t the only thing she wants to get on. We started making flash cards and start testing each other. An hour or 2 passed and it started to get a little late so Rose comes up with an idea to get us motivated “Maria, if you get this answer wrong you have to take off a piece of clothing.” “You wanna play strip study in front of your boyfriend?!?” she replied “yeah. Let’s make this study night more exciting. Why are you scared? You just dumped your boyfriend anyways.” Maria shrugged her shoulders and agreed. First question Maria got right. I was up next and got the question wrong which resulted in me taking off my shirt. Rose got her first question wrong and choose to take off her shirt to reveal a lime green shiny push-up bra. Maria was next and got her question wrong and took off her socks (cheating). I got my next question right. Rose was next and got another question wrong. Rose stood up, turned around to reveal the back of her matching lime green spandex thong with black on the elastic edges. She turned around and revealed she had a zipper on the front of her thong as she took off her pants slowly. Maria commented “that’s a hot idea to have a zipper in front.” Maria’s turn was next and got it wrong resulting in her taking off her pants first to reveal that sexy pink VS thong. Rose and I got the next 2 questions right which brought it back to Maria. Maria got the next question wrong and mentioned she didn’t have a bra on so she asked if there was an alternative option instead of showing her breasts or taking off her thong. Rose perks up “you can undo my zipper and lick me a little.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Maria looks over at me “as long as it’s ok with your boyfriend.” I couldn’t let this opportunity pass so I nod yes and get ready for the entertainment of the night. Maria crawls over on all fours with her ass in the air. Rose goes to her back and watches as Maria’s face goes right to the zipper on her thong and bites it with her teeth and slowly unzips it. She pulls the fabric to the sides and starts licking Roses pussy. She moans with delight as Maria goes up and down her pussy lips just teasing Rose with her tongue. She starts sucking each lip slowly making Rose lift her butt off the ground each time she sucks. I start stroking my shaft as I watch them play. Maria comments “it tastes so good to have pussy again” as they both smile at each other. Maria dives back and and starts tongue fucking her. Rose grabs my arm and pulls me over and placed my hand under her bra to have me start teasing her breasts as we start to make out. Maria started to suck Roses clit as she placed a finger in her pussy. I can feel her hands tighten on my hair each time Maria hit her G spot and sucked her clit at the same time. The pace started to pickup as her breathing started to go out of control. She remarks “I never dreamed I’d have 2 people on me, this feels Incredible!” I take off her bra and start licking her 1 breast while teasing her other breast with my finger. Rose starts moaning loader and faster as we’re both going to town on her until she SCREAMS with a shuttering orgasm. We all took a moment to take in what just happened as Rose catches her breath. Rose looks at Maria and says “I’d like to return the favor if that’s alright?” “I’d love that” reply’s Maria. Rose and Maria switch spots where Maria is on her back while Rose is on all fours starting to tease her way from her breasts, to her stomach, over to her inner thigh, and then uses her teeth to grab the top of the waistband of her thong and pulls them off. Rose knows how much I love that collection of underwear so she reaches over, pulls my cock out and wraps them around my cock and says “maybe you can grind me while I get busy.” So I get up and go behind Rose and get an awesome view of Rose still wearing her thong with her face buried between Maria’s legs. I put Maria’s thong around the base of my cock while I took Roses thong strap that was between her ass cheeks and wrapped it once around my cock so I could grind Rose’s ass and feel her thong rub around my cock at the same time. I go slow to take in the moment while I watch Maria start to moan in pleasure. As things progress I see Maria take her hands and press Roses face into her pussy. I can tell Rose is sucking her clit. Rose uses two fingers and starts fucking Maria at the same time. Maria looks at me and says “don’t you dare cum, we’ve got a treat for you.” with that I stay at a steady pace just enough to enjoy the pleasure but not send me over the top. Maria screams “fuck that’s amazing, you’re right on my g-spot! Shit keep on going keep on going!” I figure since I’m gonna get attention in a bit, I decide to go around and start tongue flicking Maria’s breasts. She screams “goodness this is fantastic, I’m about to cum!” So Rose and I keep doing what we’ve been doing but increase our speed until we hear a gasp of pleasure as Maria reaches her climax. Rose looks and me and Maria “that was insane. I never dreamed this would actually happen. That pussy tastes so good.” I perk up “seems like you guys are pretty experienced...” “yeah, we’ve had a few nights we’ve fooled around 1 on 1.” I comment back “it’s alright with me as long as you don’t run off without me” we all laughed. Maria starts up “so I heard you guys have been experimenting with anal and I’ve got the perfect thing to introduce. You stay here and Rose you come with me.” Maria and Rose runs off into her room and comes back with Rose wearing a new lingerie set which involved a red and black lace bra, boy short lace underwear with a garter belt attached to mesh stockings. Maria came out with a cheetah print bra and a strap on. Both at the same time they motioned with their finger to come in the bedroom. I got up and went in and they both pushed me on the bed and giggled. Rose got up on the bed and started to make out with me as Maria started to suck my cock. This lasted for a few minutes until Rose kissed her way from my lips, to my neck, down to my cock where Maria and Rose were switching off putting my cock in their mouth. Rose was kneeling next to me giving me the perfect view and allowed me to also grab her ass. Then Maria had me bring my knees up while she drenched my ass in lube to make everything slippery. She takes her dripping wet strap on and enters the tip in me. She slowly goes back and forth inching her way little by little inside me. Rose is rubbing my shaft back and forth without touching the tip in order to keep things under control. After about 15-20 minutes Maria has her whole strap on inside me. Rose adds more lube to keep things wet and slippery. Maria starts picking up the pace and really starts fucking me. I’ve never experienced the feeling of someone’s whole body slamming against me and fucking me. It’s such an exhilarating experience! Rose sees the excitement pickup and starts deep throating my cock in her mouth. I can her the noises of both of them pounding me. Maria is hitting a nerve that’s causing amazing pleasure. It starts to get really strong. I can feel that I’m about to cum. I’m moaning like crazy. As the sensations reach an all time high that’s when I orgasm with cum in Roses mouth and yell out with pleasure. On purpose Rose let’s all my cum run out of her mouth and back on my cock. Both girls take turns licking the cum off. After that we all went in the shower together and ended up sleeping naked together in bed. I comment before leaving in the morning “you guys were horrible at strip study. We’ll have to study again soon...”

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    WOW! what amazing story's I cummed so hard just thinking i was you.

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    Re: College fun with Rose

    Thanks Poth! Glad your enjoying. Here’s another.
    Chapter 5 - Merry Christmas
    The week before Christmas break is here and exams are upon us. I’ll be honest I’ve been barely keeping a C average with all the distractions Rose and Maria have been giving me. Maria just found out about my interest in panties and has been teasing me with Rose ever since. On Monday they both slipped off their panties at the school lunch table and dropped them in my lap as they left for their next class. Tuesday they both were wearing black thongs with white pants so you could see their thongs through their pants all day. Wednesday right before class they sent me a picture of both of them in lingerie kissing each other in bed. Thursday Maria was wearing 2 Victoria’s Secret signature thongs, 1 was dark blue and one was red. Rose had on 2 g-strings from Victoria’s Secret with the pink polka dot waistband. Both of them had exposed whale tails in class during an exam. Friday was our last day before Christmas break and they both texted me saying they had a fun idea for that evening that I wouldn’t forget. I couldn’t get my mind off of what they had up their sleeves. Class finished and we met back at their place. I walked in and the girls filled me in on what they had planned. To my dismay they decided to send me on a mission. Maria found out that Sara next door already left for the day and Kass her roommate usually goes out at night and typically leaves the door unlocked. All I had to do was wait for Kass to leave and slip in to grab some panties for Maria and Rose to wear. I loved the result of this plan but was scared shitless of how this plan could turn for the worse. We hung out watching TV just waiting until we heard the door next door slam shut. We peaked out the window to see Kass leave down the hall way. The girls pushed me into the hall way and hinted for me to get going. I looked around and didn’t see anyone in the area. I walked over to the door and turned the handle to find it unlocked like the girls mentioned it would be. I slowly walked around inside trying to make sure I stayed quiet incase there was still someone else inside that I wasn’t aware of. I made my way into the bedroom and went to the first dresser. My heart was beating a million beats per minute. I went for the top drawer and sure enough “score” I whisper. There’s a whole drawer full of panties. I see lace thongs, silk string bikini panties, hand fulls of g-strings all tangled together, and tons of other materials and styles all mixed together. There had to be 70-80 pairs. I picked a few and shoved them in my pocket. I closed the drawer and checked the other dresser to find the other girls panty drawer. I opened it up and it was like I was opening an organized panty drawer from a lingerie store. Each style, fabric, and color was organized. I see a good amount of bikini style, boy shorts, and a few thongs. I peek around and noticed in the way back is a rabbit vibrator. I take it out and turn around to see Kass staring at me. My eyes get big and I drop the vibrator on the ground. I start stuttering “Kass! Uh... what’s new? How are you?” “I’m doing ok but I’m a little shocked to see you here. Did you walk in the wrong room by mistake?” “Um, something like that.” Kass all of a sudden shows a smirk on her face “so whatcha looking at?” as she looks at the vibrator on the ground. “I, I, I was just curious.” Kass walks over and bends her knees to pick up the vibrator and then stares straight at my crotch and asks “so did your little friend enjoy a peek?” I stare blankly at her lost for words. She looks up at me and smiles. All of a sudden Rose and Maria walk in with their hands over their mouths. I can tell they’re laughing as Maria comments “So what do ya say Kass. Should we punish him for sneaking around??” I stare back and forth at each face trying to gage WHAT in the WORLD is going ON! Then it clicks and I reply “Wait a sec. This was on purpose wasn’t it?!?!” They all bust out laughing. Rose comes over to me and explains “Kass noticed a few of our revealing displays to you this week and asked us about it. We gave in and told your little secret about your interest in panties and how we’ve been having so much fun with you. That’s when Kass came up with the idea to have you peek around. Now that we have you here we were wondering if you wanted to have a little fun?!” Rose and Maria both start undoing my belt and then reached in my pocket for what I had in mind for them to try. Rose pulls out a bundle of g-strings and Maria pulls out a bundle of lace thongs. “Oh my!” As they marvel at the selection “Kass you’ve got quite the selection!” They laid me down on the bed and pulled off my pants to reveal one of my new jock straps. “Woah” Kass blurts out as she stares at my hard package. “Wasn’t expecting that type of underwear.” Rose starts rubbing my cock through my underwear as Maria takes off her clothes. She starts to put on layer on top of layer of Kass’s lace thongs. She gets on top of me reverse cowgirl style and starts grinding me. While Maria gets busy showing off her ass, Rose takes a moment to strip down and starts putting on g-string after g-string. By the time she was done she probably had a dozen strings wrapped around her waist. She looked so hot as she equally spread each string above each other so I could see all of them. Then she took the rest of Kass’s panties from her drawer and dropped them on my chest. She took out my cock and starts rubbing me with different pairs. Rose looks over and see’s Kass in the corner of the room just starring at us. She seems nervous and doesn’t know what to do. Rose walks over and takes her hand and brings her over. She’s just starring at my hard cock. She plays shy and doesn’t do anything. Then Rose asks “have you ever touched a guys cock? It’s ok I’m fine with it.” Kass looks at Rose and I and quietly says that she hasn’t. I was pretty surprised because she looks great. She has red long straight hair with a great body and beautiful hazel eyes. Rose places Kass’s hand right on my shaft. “Woah that’s hard” as she smiles. I think Kass was just in shock this whole experience was really happening because Rose had to hint “so are you going to stroke him or what??” She snapped out of her frozen like state and started rubbing me up and down. I could start to see her relax a little and enjoy rubbing me as I cheered her on with my moans of pleasure. Rose then starts making out with me as Maria is still on top grinding and teasing her clit with her hand. I start French kissing Rose and she starts sucking my tongue as if it’s my cock. Maria’s moans are starting to get heavier so Rose eventually gets up and starts sucking on Maria’s breasts. I hint to Kass to start sucking Maria’s other breast and she shockingly agreed right away with an exciting smile. I’m left to enjoy the view as the girls go to town on Maria’s breasts. Kass still has her clothes on so I sit up and start to unbutton her jeans. She helps pull down her pants to reveal an orange cotton thong and a tattoo on her left butt check. She takes off her shirt to show off a black lace push-up bra and another tattoo on her shoulder blade. Both girls were still kissing Maria’s breasts and neck so I slid all of Maria’s thongs she was wearing and to the side and slid 2 fingers in her pussy from behind her. She started bouncing on my fingers like it was my cock and started to moan even more. Within seconds my fingers were drenched with her juices as she continued to pound away. Kass picked up the rabbit vibrator and handed it to me to insert. I turned the vibrator way up and launched her into repeated screams of pleasure. Rose and Kass were moaning along with her to encourage her to orgasm. I loved hearing them and I could tell they were all making each other more excited with easy cry of excitement they made. The vibrator was going in and out of her pussy so fast that within a matter of minutes she couldn’t take it any longer and started to shake with an intense orgasm. Rose looked back at me and commented as she came crawling back “now where were we?” All the girls had a naughty grin looking at me. “Maybe we should give him a show.” Rose wrapped a few more panties around my cock and then all the girls got up and started to grind each other. Kass was really getting into this as she started kissing Roses shoulder and neck. They were all showing off their sexy bodies. Rose saw a pair of panties she knew I would like and grabbed them from the bed. She slips them on Kass over her thong. It was a gray cotton Victoria’s Secret bikini style panty with a pink signature waistband. She made sure to pull her orange thong higher than the pair she just put on her. She brought Kass over to me and had her sit on top of me reverse cowgirl style. Maria picks up a pair of silk panties, sandwiches my cock between Kass’s panty ass and her silk panty wrapped hand and starts rubbing up and down. Kass takes Rose by the hand and brings her over and uses her other hand to bring Roses mouth to hers and starts making out. The view was so intense I started to see precum on Kass’s panties from my cock. Maria grabs a hand full of panties and keeps dumping them all over me. “You like this?” She remarks as I moan in pleasure. Kass whispers in Roses ear and sends her to the small walk in closet. Before I knew it Rose came out in a full mesh black one piece outfit. She decided to wear a black thong under neither that looked as sexy as hell. Maria took off all her lace thongs she was wearing and slipped into the silk panties she was rubbing me in. Kass got up and let Rose sit where she was except she faced me. She put her pussy right against my shaft and started grinding me. Kass and Maria came on both sides of me with their ass’s facing toward me and each had a hand on my cock. I started rubbing both of their pussies with each of my hands as I enjoyed the view. Roses breasts were bouncing up and down and the girls squirmed as I rubbed them. They rubbed me over and over again. My cock was making more precum that Maria took advantage of and sucked my cock as Kass kept rubbing my shaft. I could feel my cum coming so I yelled “fuck I’m getting close.” In an instant Kass took my cock from Maria and started to suck me really deep. That sent me over the top and I shot cum right into her mouth. I trembled with pleasure as I stared at my cock pumping cum in Kass’s mouth. She moaned in delight. Both girls were pleasantly surprised to see Kass go from standing in the corner to having her swallowing my cum. She commented “I’ve always wanted to try a guys cum.” I asked her if she’s been more interested in girls and she confessed that’s why she’s never done anything with guys. The other girls looked excited to have another play mate. We spent the rest of the night talking about our experiences & fantasies. Let’s just say Kass will probably be on Santa’s “naughty list”.

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