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Thread: Sexy Whaletails

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    nice juicy ass, love to see her face

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    I think that we have all been good enough this year to get a nice big update for Christmas!!!

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    Yeah waiting for that, would be sick.

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    Late Christmas Present

    The story behind these photos:

    I recently created an instagram account and it was doing really well. In a few short weeks I got about 11k followers. Then one day my entire account got deleted because thong photos don't follow their community guidelines. Over those few weeks I got a ton of DMs from girls that wanted to be featured on my page so I thought I'd share them all with you guys. I also threw in a few from their own pages so you can follow them on instagram too. As a disclaimer, it's pretty easy to pretend you're someone you are not online so if you see anyone any celebrities or people you know, feel free to leave a comment because I'm sure there's a few porn stars in here that I just didn't recognize hahaha.

    (P.S. I'm not a big fan of imagebam because of all the pop-ups and ads so I made my own image hosting site called I used thongloader to upload all of the pictures below and you can use it too! It's completely free and it has no pop-ups or ads. I made it as simple as possible because most of us don't need a ton of fancy features but if you have any suggestions on how I could make it better I'd love to hear them! Anyway, enough rambling. Enjoy the pictures!!!)

    Visit for more incredible thong slips and whaletails!

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    one hell of a fabulous collection of whaletails

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    Spectacular stuff Thong Nation! It's a shame your Instagram got deleted, because you seem to of had a great thing going.

    Nice job with thongloader too! Worked great for me.

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails


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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    Now THAT... is an update haha Full of treasure

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    Great update ! The loader worked fine

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    Re: Sexy Whaletails

    Great job man!!!! amazing

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