24 yr old gf


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Lots more ..
Not too sure how to embed photos lol this shit is archaic. I previewed the post and the link worked tho.

All of those are dirty (obviously lol) . She loves to suck dick and fuck and she has a lot of tiny g strings and other sexy thongs that i’ll post if clthong starts putting up some updates!
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You should just post the link inbetween “image in brackets” and end with “/image in brackets” or the same thing with the word link. I havent tried to post images but that is typical forum html type code.


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She doesn’t really have a “panty droor” at the moment , our shit is all over the place right now. Ye know , moving , new furniture, dressers , stuff like that. I’ll post some more of her stuff when I get a chance though , she just went to la senza last week and got like 8 or 9 new pairs .. said she’s trying to be sexy for me lol I’m like damn girl that’s great but don’t spend all our money lol