Another Sissy Clitty


Any interest here in sissy clittys? I'm a grower not a shower. I'm pretty small most the time when I'm soft. I love the way it looks and feels in thongs and panties........
I'm also a grower, not a shower. When I was a kid, I squeezed into a Speedo I had outgrown. The tight squeeze and girly look had me hooked! I could go from big to flat! When I sit, I look even smaller. I like wearing the smallest suit on the Beach, I've posted photos in other forums here.

The cold ocean water makes everything shrink and tuck itself. My strong tight thongs and tiny suits stay on in rough surf, since there is not much for the waves to grab. Do you go to the crowded Beaches too?
I don't care for the beach. Even though I only live 20mims from it.