Anyone a submissive?


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I recently came out with this, but I wanted to admit that I'm a submissive bottom boy with a Dom. To show my submissiveness, I wear women's thongs only and a chastity cock device at all times. It's not easy being a submissive, but I do it as dedication to my Dom. I also get spanked, caned, whipped, and flog if I misbehave, and I wear women's bottoms (ie. yoga pants, skirts, short shorts), women's tops, and leggings behind the scenes. I felt embarrassed to admit this before, but I recently became comfortable with it. Is anyone else a submissive like me? I'd like to discuss it sometime with one of you. Let me know


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I like to think I am rather submissive; but not to the point of canning and such. Would love you chat sometime :)


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Im submissive I like having my thong pulled, being called a girly or sissy panty boy, being spanked, rubbing the head and teasing my penis, and having my balls slapped. My wife is also submissive so its hard sometimes to get her to dominate me.


I am definitely submissive and have been wearing panties for many years now. I am also require to wear bras, teddies, yoga pants, low rise women's jeans, skirts, tops, etc around the house. Quite often I am also sent out in bras, yoga pants or jeans. For the last number of years I have had to build a toy collection consisting of vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. At first they were used just occasionally, that soon grew to an almost daily occurrence. Eventually that evolved into only being allowed to masterbate while watching myself in the mirror, riding a large dildo in my bra and panties (or some other lingerie). When I came I had to catch it in my hand and lick every drop, even the cum that landed on the floor, mirror, or dribbling from my cock before I was allowed to get off the dildo. In the last few years I have been informed I will not be with another woman, until I have accomplished a few tasks. 1) been with as many different men as I have women 2) had sex (basically been fucked by) as many times with men as I have with women. 3) have a 3some (more would be preferred) where I am the play thing