Around the house wife

Hey everyone! Glad to be part of the community! So I am an avid lover of thongs so this site was a great choice for me. Luckily for me my wife wears thongs 99% of the time. Just a few around the house shots will be going here. Enjoy, like, and let me know what you think. Always helps to motivate me to post more.

These were included in my intro post. Just doing some cleaning and the thongs always slide out in the sweat pants. If she has to wear sweat pants I suggest the ones I know there will be a slip. May see more of that soon..

These are from a little while ago one day while she was getting ready for work. In my opinion one of the best times to grab some whaletail shots.



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Altadena commented on your intro thread but just had to comment again.
what a great ass! Loving the whaletails too!!
Can’t wait to see what’s to come!


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Love the purple lace panties with the sweatpants. Her ass is amazing. Can't wait to see some more of her fine sexy ass