Aussie's ultra sexy thongs


Mr & Mrs Aussie
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Here are some of what she has available for sale. Most are size small or medium. Most are from VS.
If you have ever seen them in one of our posts, then it might still be available as well. Please PM me if you have chosen any ;)
Worn or washed - we are free to send it around the world ;)
It depends on what do you offer for ultra sexy thongs my lovely and sexy aussie's wife had already on ?! ;)

IMG_5030.jpg IMG_5031.jpg IMG_5032.jpg IMG_5033.jpg IMG_5034.jpg IMG_5035.jpg IMG_5036.jpg IMG_5037.jpg IMG_5038.jpg IMG_5039.jpg IMG_5040.jpg

Feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy ;)