Being caught?


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Been caught taking nude pictures of myself. This was during high school. It was after school, and I went to one of the drama studios at my school. There was a mirrored wall in the studio, so I went towards the wall, took my pants off and started taking pictures of myself. Then all of a sudden, a kid below my grade came into the studio and saw me taking pictures.
Luckily, the kid didn't spread rumours about me.


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Yesterday I went with kiky to her place in the afternoon to pick some stuff up. I needed some papers that laxy had so i went into her room. I was sitting on lexys bed and kiky got inside her sisters room and started sucking my dick. In the middle of the blowjob lexy came to her room (we thought she wasn't home but she was in the bathroom).

Kiky was facing the opposite side of the door so she didn't noticed her sister. Lexy just standed in the door and enjoyed the show. She even rubbed her pussy over her pants and flashed me her tits. As soon as i cummed in kikys mouth lexy faked like she just got home and caught us.

Kiky put back my cock and my pants and was clearly unconfortable with a mouthfull of cum, lexy told her to swallow and leave her room. It wasn't thenfirst time she caught us fucking, she used to like to spy on us when we fucked at their parents house or when shen visited us at our apartment.


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My Ex Gf use to get a bunch of thongs as christmas gifts from her mom, we went to her room and she said she was gonna shower... so when she left I proceeded to check out what she got, and her mom use to get her like at least 15 of them, so I was hard checking them out didnt notice her moms foot steps she opens the door as I'm holding the bag and looking through them, I acted out like I dropped my keys in the bag and was getting them out... she looked at me knowing I was lying and paused then asked me if I was hungry.... I had such a hard on and probably red and nervous so I said no thank you and she walked away. There was no way she didn't know what I was doing but I guess she didn't want to bring it up.


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Hmm! Caught by my dad while having doggy with my girlfriend on the floor in our hall. Almost caught by the security guard after having a quickie (doggy, standing) behind a wall in a corner on the top floor of a commercial building. This happened on a beach in Thailand at night. We were on the verge of some action but I started seeing dark figures approaching us, not too distant from where we were. Needless to say, sensing danger, we moved away.

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One time when I was about 16, my girlfriend at the time was on her knees giving me head. I kind of heard the door open, but I was so close to cumming and figured whoever it was was going to go about their own thing. Little did I know, her dad apparently doesn't knock and just bursts in as she's going down on the shaft. He blew right up and was like "Hell no!" She quickly stood up, and I busted all over the front of my shirt, and scurried right out of there. I have the whole story in, and I can try to link it if interested, and if it will publish, the later years of the story is a work of fiction, but the first half is 100% true. haha. later I found out I was his favorite, because apparently she had gotten into a bunch of abusive relationships and though his little girl was drinking my cum, I treated her well, and I wasn't afraid to chat him up. haha, needless to say, I was pretty astounded.


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I got caught by my mates mom. I was at his place and he needed to step out for a while so I stayed till he returned so went into his moms room to check out her panty drawer. found her panty drawer to be filled with the sexiest lingerie, lace and silk thongs and g strings and nothing else even a pearl g string which I found extremely hot. I pulled my pants down and started to beat off and didn't hear his mom return home. she walks into her room and finds me there with my dick in one hand and thongs in the other while I sniffed them. she scared the crap out of me just appearing that way and I tried to put my dick back into my pants. little did I know she filmed me beating off and said I have to buy a kinky costume and be her slave or she will share the video with her friends. I'm not sure whether I should be excited about this or nervous but the idea of being her slave is kind of exciting!