Being caught?


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The fucking on a train one. My gf at the time, Suzanne, was sucking my dick so I told her to go to the toilet. I followed her I and was fucking her from behind when the door clicked. The guard had locked us in! We eventually got out but he had a smirk because he knew what we were doing.


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Been caught quite a few times.

First was by my gf’s mum. My gf was giving me head and her mum walked in before quickly walking out again! She would have seen the back of my gf’s head and all of me except my dick lol

Second time we went out for dinner and got a bit horny. Went round the back of the restaurant and did her doggy up against the wall (pulled up her dress, slipped her knickers to the side, pulled her tits out of the dress). Half way through the chef came out for a cigarette break and saw us. We stopped and pretended to move on but when he went back in we carried on and I finished in her.

Another time was on a night out with lots of our friends. She was very drunk and horny and we ended up at a bus stop where I fingered her. All of a sudden two of our friends walked past laughing at us.

The last time was on another night out. We slipped off behind the club and she gave me a blow job. Two guys walked past and started watching. My gf was so drunk she just didn’t care so carried on sucking me. The two guys started jerking off so I called them over to watch closer. They jizzed on her face and on my cock while she was still sucking me and then I nutted in her mouth. She swallowed it all down!


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My best friends wife, JH, caught me wearing a thong years ago, thats how she found out. My SIL has walked in on me jackin off a few times, she just laughs and turns around. My mother in law walked in while i was wearin a thong and fuckin my wife.


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When we were in girl was a frosh i was a junior. I stayed for the weekend at her familys house. Parents and older brother were out...younger brother who was 11 at the time was in the basement playing video games. She told me to come upstairs to her bedroom growing up...i followed her in...and she dropped to her knees...pulled down my pants and started blowing me. She stupidly didnt close the door because she prob didnt think her brother would come upstairs. Well long story short...she was balls deep on my dick when her little brother showed up in the open door lol.


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My colleague had to go to pick his teenage daughter up from the police station after she was caught in the cinema having sex with her boyfriend. I don't know how they were even doing it in such a small place...but then again I did it in an old Mini once1
Got caught having sex with my girlfriend in my truck this past 4th of July weekend... Its a Midwestern/redneck type thing on holiday weekends we all go out mudding and have a bigass bonfire, everybody typically ends up drunk or stoned and we all camp out in the woods. Was out there with a bunch of friends, and friends of friends, maybe 25 or 30 people all together, was a good time. As the night went on and my girl got a few drinks in her she was getting a little frisky, rubbing on my junk over my pants and whatnot. So we retreated to my truck that was parked a little ways away. I've got a topper on the back, and a queen sized air mattress fits in the back perfectly, works out well for camping instead of dragging around a camper or a tent. Anyhow we were both drunk and horny so it was pound time on the air mattress in the back of truck. As we were going at it people were banging on the windows as they walked by or telling us to keep it down or whatever. We're both consenting adults, neither of us really cared. Unless someone was trying shine a light through the window they wouldnt of seen much.


Got busted while eating my girlfriend out, by her little brother. Dude just walked into the room without knocking, we forgot to lock the door. She was right on the edge of cumming as well so my face was wet with pussy juice, it was pretty akward. Was never spoken about again of course :oops:.