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Way to go dude! Though no snap chat? You’re missing a huge opportunity! Also maybe ask for a picture back! If it’s just you talking about yourself that’s cool and all, but she might lose interest as girls like the attention too in my experience .. talking to her about her wearing one keeps the flirtness alive!

It’s cool she asked for a picture! Good sign. If you’re looking to keep things progressing and maybe even involve a hang out.. you could even go the route of making a dare/bet with her. It sounds like she has thongs but they’re a more rare thing .. you could make a wager that if she loses she’ll have to wear one the whole night during a hang out with you — or something along those lines. She seems like the time of girl who would be open minded down for that, and is competitive (which are two of the biggest traits for this sorta thing) that’s personally the direction I would take this - if I were you. Somewhere along the lines of a dare or bet where you both end up wearing one. I would even imagine a situation where you’d have to wear a thong the other picks out for each other? Like I said, she actually seems like the exact time of girl that could go for something like that.. and I’ve had situations play in in that exact way I’m describing at least two-three times.

The way she comes at you and teases you in that first post about must like that thong ride up your ass.. the average girl would never ever say that. This girl in some way digs the weirdness, so if you play your cards right you could have success here, and I’d be genuinely happy to help ya haha!
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Great too see another one of these bumble convos. Hope this means you are making a comeback with these!


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Hey guys,

Still talking to the girl from the last post, about a week ago she said that if I sent her a pic of me in uniform at work that she might send a thong pic. Sure enough I gave her the pic and she sent a pic of her ass in a thong : ) Unfortunately I couldn't post it here because it was the kind that disappeared after viewing but I'm still having convos so might have more content from her in the future. Also hoping to post more updates to this thread soon!


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Here's a conversation I actually had a long time ago and completely forgot to post. Matched with this girl on tinder a while ago and then
ended up rematching at one point. It was before I started doing the dating app thong conversations so I only discussed this with her some time later once I got a phone number. She isn't someone I'm texting anymore but thought you guys might enjoy this little snippet from the past : P

Here's what she looks like: