Co-Worker's panty lines


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My supervisor told me in private that all the woman are being told they need to stop wearing leggings and need to wear dress pants to work. This video is "A" having a panty slip in her new dress pants and the picture is a good screenshot. She had a panty slip early in the shift basically the same as this and I saw blue panties and was hoping all shift that she would do it again so i could film it. People were around so it was not a good capture because i had to go quick but thats the way it goes sometimes. At the end of our shift i brought up the pants change rule and she was thinking she did something wrong but I reassured her that the way she dresses is fine and it was actually a different co-worker named "B" that caused the rule change which is true. (Stay tuned for a post this week because I collected a few of "B" VPL and panty slip) I expressed that "B" had see through pants and she acknoledged she saw her legs through her pants before but then I said It was destracting to our supervisor that she could see her type of underwear and when our supervisor told me I noticed she was wearing a thong and I shouldnt be able to see what kind of underwear she is wearing. And then "A" got a little surprised with a "really!?" Reaction and I said yeah it was destracting. I later messaged "A" on instagram to not tell "B" to not make her feel unconfortable.

"A" is moving to casual status at work but i hope to continue underwear related conversations with her and hopefully a panty slip or panty line every now and again from her.


A seems quite lovely. Absolutely love the vpl she's showing. Sucks about the rule change, but I'm intrigued to see how gratuitous B was in order to force the rule change.