Colleague and Friends


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Sorry for the delay, ended up losing my app with all my photos in it 🤦🏻‍♂️
Meaning that anything I post from here on out is what I have just found then and there.

In saying that, I have an update for you all xoxo

Apologies for the poor quality. Didn't have time to airdrop so had to take photos of the screen in 90% of cases today.


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Alrighty a wee update after a small break.
as mentioned i lost my folder that had all old images, so any updates are within days of me finding them. #Fresh

Was setting up some smart home tech on a friends phone (recently divorced) and found these vids, i believe all from same person.

Yeah ofcourse.
So if it's an apple. I'm photos you can search things the main two are "bathroom" and "brasserie"
Just make sure you delete those search terms before locking the phone.
Ansorids that have google photos have the same search function. I think the above two work. Also "lingerie" works on google photos.

I also always check deleted images. Typically a goldmine.

Next I go to messages and find their partner and Click into the info section that pulls up any images sent back and forth.

That's a quick search ☺️
I prefer iPhones. As I can airdrop without any evidence. ☺️
Can you actually air drop without any evidence ?
Is that true ?