Cousins thongs story and video


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This is the story where I got to jack off with my older cousins thongs. My cousin and I grew up close because we lived together for a good amount of time when I was growing up. She is about 6 years older than me and once in a while I would peak in her pantie drawer but she wasn’t old to be wearing thongs yet. But I still enjoyed what I had access to. My dad ended up moving into a different house and so I didn’t get to see my cousin as much, especially when she went to college. Whenever I did see her at family parties, she would wear leggings and when she bent over, I could see the thong right through her pants, so I got I knew she started wearing thongs which I was excited about. A few years ago, my family spent a weekend at my aunt’s cabin. My cousin ended up staying in the same cabin as me, so I waited for my opportunities to look in her bag. The first time I looked in her bag was in the middle of the day when everyone left the cabin and I made am excuse that I was charging my phone. I didn’t know how much time I would have so I tried to go fast. I opened her bag and couldn’t find any underwear. I had to dig to the bottom of the bag and I finally found a marron colored Victoria secret latex thong. I quickly went to the bathroom and jack off with it. I out it back and went back to the group. The second time was later the next night after getting drunk with my family. I told everyone that I was too fucked up and needed to sleep go to bed. I went back to her bag a started digging around and found 2 other thongs. One was soft and blue and the second one I have a video of. Has anyone else have cousins who wear thongs? Let me know what you guys think.