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Straight male who loves wearing thongs re-entering the dating world. Have any of you straight thong wearing men have any issues with dating because of the fact you wear thongs?
no issues for me. my fiance loves them on me and respects why I want to choose my own underwear. i can see a woman being surprised or caught off guard, but if anyone you date has an "issue" with it then just leave that person. plenty of accepting, wonderful women out there. dont feel you have to change you to match some bs gender stereotype


Thats part of the fun and most exciting part! Getting reactions to how women find thongs at the end of the date. You always wonder whether they will like it or not and just waiting for them to pull down your pants revealing your thong is such a rush. I've had a mix bag where some were weirded out but majority of the time the women I've fucked have enjoyed finding a thong under my pants. Some have gotten off knowing I wear thongs as it's such a surprise for them and this makes sex so much better!


Not a problem as I tend to date guys who are also into sexy underwear. I love it when I ease my erect cock out of my thong, pull his strap aside and fuck him doggy.