Deliberate Whale Tail Stories


My friend told me that many years ago he and his wife were in a bar in a small town in Austrlia with his wife's thong showing. A lady came up to her and told her that her thong was showing to which she told the lady it was supposed to be.

In the early 2000's I was in Manchester centre, I saw two gorgeous teen girls in short denim skirts (which already turn me on like crazy) and huge...I mean HUGE black whaletails. Both of them. They had 100% done it deliberately to show off and pull the guys as they were looking round at all the guys staring at them.

I went on a date with a girl once who deliberately whaletailed two days in a row with me. See "Jacee's Story" for that one.


I remember back in high school in English class there was a girl who showed her thong almost everyday. One time I saw her reach back and I thought she was going to pull down her shirt to cover it up but she actually pulled her thong up a little to expose it more. It was so hot!
I overheard a girl in school tell her friend that she would pull her thong up on purpose when she's wearing yoga pants or leggings so there would be no thong lines. One time her shirt rose up and her thong was on show, she reached back and noticed but didn't put it away, so there would be no thong lines I guess. Her thong was constantly out anyway even if she wasn't wearing leggings though.