Disappointed by her panties


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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has ever known a girl and she’s super cute or hot and you finally get access to her panties and they just aren’t what you expected or they don’t wear thongs or cute panties.

This happened to me twice this year here are the stories

so the first girl is insanely hot every guy that ever meets her says bro who is that is she single her ass is insane etc. I have known her for a few years now and we are good friends. She recently moved into her own place and invited me over oh ps she’s crazy fit always in gym cloths leggings and she always has VTLs so I knew I would find thongs.
She finally left me alone in the apartment and I had my chance I went into her drawer and it was all thongs but they were all the same style super thick thongs no fun colors just tan and gray not even any black and they were old like she hadn’t bought new panties in years. This was a huge bummer for me I was hoping for lots of cute stuff that matched her hotness and her bubbly personality but it was the most boring thongs I’ve ever seen like what a 50+ year old women would wear not a 24 year old babe.
the good news was her dirty thongs were FUCKING filthy like she must of been soaked multiple days in a row.

let me know if this has happened to you I also have another story


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I’ve had this loads of time. We live quite a distance from a lot of friends so often they’ll travel and stay over. I’ve raised the bags of every single one of my wife’s friends and not found a single thong. In every single case not eve nice pants, just coloured cotton pants, not a hint of lace in sight or anything


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Yup, back in the 80’s, one Summer affair, Barb (Babs), looked like Justine Bateman’s twin (family ties). Wore granny briefs; kept asking to take her shopping , she demurred. I asked if I could buy some on my own for her. Same answer, no. 😞.


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Here is another story of a disappointing panty raid.
So my friend started dating the hottest girl like the good girl next door blond super cute style just perfect the girl you know has super cute thongs in so many cute colors

so the time came we all went away
I waited they went out I stayed back ready for the raid I was waiting for she had just showered so I knew fresh panties were mine!
I get into her bag and oh nooooo not a single thong just full back panties
Not even cute styles no lace no real trim just some little designs no VS I was crushed.

but the good thing was that I got her panties she had on under her sundress and they were bright pink boy shorts and she left a huge mess they were still wet and I mean soaked. That was awesome but I’m still sad she wears boring panties.


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I started a new job straight out of college and started talking to a girl there. We became friends (work friends) I guess and just about every Friday a group of us would all leave work and walk over a block or two to a nearby bar. Eventually me and new girl went back to her place and I was disappointed that first night because she wasn't wearing a thong. Sidenote I had seen her panties stick out before at work but it was never a thong either. I thought maybe if things went steady I could at least introduce her to the idea of wearing thongs. Que the next week or so and again we go back to her place. This time no thong again and I'm bummed. It's around this time or the next time we are alone together in her room that I finally decided to do some recon. She goes to the bathroom one night and open her top drawer. Bingo. Panties. I thought I hit the jackpot but I all I see are regular bikini style briefs, some more hipster or even boxer style undies. I have to hurry but after some digging I pull out one green(?) thong that looks pretty unworn and although it's a thong it's not the sexiest pair of panties I've ever seen. However I now have confirmation this girl does indeed wear thongs and I stuff the pair into my pocket before leaving that night. Skip to four years later and me and her are dating. She knows how much I love thongs and she wears them everyday for me. She's spent a lot of money buying probably 100 thongs over the years and I've even bought her some too. One day during quarantine we are in bed and I'm not sure why but I asked if she wanted to see something funny. She said sure and I get up out of bed and roll over to my closet. My heart is pounding but I tell her about the night I raided her panties and took her thong home with me. I was pretty worried she would be freaked out by this and feel betrayed or violated but she actually laughs it off. "You should have looked in my closet" she says. "That's where all the underwear I wear was".