found a girl in my city, which sells me her used panties


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Some days ago, I really found a girl in my city in the internet, who sells me her used panties and will hand them over, when we meet.

she already told me, where she lives, so I could bring her one fresh and beautiful thong, which she would wear for me.
of course, I was rubbing my cock with this thong, before I gave it to her yesterday.
usually she doesn't wear thongs, that's why I bought a beautiful one for her.
She wore it to work and after that, we met today, where she took it off right in front of me and handed it over to me with the words "have fun ;)"
She smells so unbelievably good, you can't imagine! Also it was her first time, that she sold one pair of used underwear.

ofc that was not the last time, I did it with her. I feel like having the jackpot!