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Hello all! Good news! She is going to let me post pictures more!

This one is from last weekend, we went on a small road trip (about 3 hours) for me to get a tattoo, the town is a small college town, we got a hotel room and we’re going to explore the night life there after I got my tattoo!

The outfit she picked for the day was a mustard yellow crop top type shirt and light blue low rise skinny jeans and some black converse. We left straight from our house to the tattoo shop and ate breakfast in the car on the way there. We got to the shop right when they opened basically, so we were the only people there at that point.

We started on my tattoo and she sat on a bench near me, the bench backed up to the hallway of the shop that led to the bathroom so not a lot of foot traffic right of the bat behind her, but I also didn’t even know if her thong was out cause I couldn’t see. The tattoo took about 2 1/2 hours and by that time there was quite a bit of people in the shop and a lot of employees and customers were beginning to use the hallway behind her.

After we left on the way to our hotel I complimented her outfit and she joked back something like “...I’m struggling to keep these jeans up and I didn’t bring another pair though” I asked if her thong was out at all while sitting there and she replied “I don’t know.” Which probably means yes if I had to guess.

We get to the hotel and freshen up and then head out to dinner, we went to a burger restaurant and each had a drink. From there we went to the area with all the popular bars to hangout. I couldn’t tell you how many times I could see her g-string. The bar we stayed at the longest is where I got the picture from, we ordered an appetizer there and sat at the actual bar. We were there for probably 45 minutes and it was pretty busy, there was a big fight on TV and lots of loud drunk college guys screaming the whole time while watching lol.

I went to the bathroom and was planning on trying to take a picture, nothing clear came out on my way to the bathroom but on the way back I walked a little slower and got the shot. We were around the side of the bar so not facing the majority of people but there were still some tables behind us, I’d say about 20 people. So this was they’re view as well. After we got back we had sex and she asked me to cum on her back. A great night for sure!



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So glad that you'll be able to post more pictures ! It can be hard to take them while moving, even slowly ! But that's a great one you got and with 20 people behind you can be sure a lot got a good view.