Girlfriend's/Girl's Thongs Discomfort Stories


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Hi, I invaded a new type of shared stories. My girlfriend is not only thong wearer - she changes them with regular panties equally. But she is wearing them regularly - both thongs and G-string. I wrote a two whaletail stories in the previous years on this forum. To be honest I dont have so much whaletail stories of her, because she is always wearing high-wasted jeans, and she is really never whaletailing. During the years and years I saw just a few whaletails of her.

But on the other hand, she discusses her underwear comfort/discomfort with me, which is very sexy. Sometimes it is happening that she is wearing thongs - no whaletail, no see-through - but she has a natural wedgie...and she tells me that. Very often I can even notice ;) .

As a nice example I have story from previous days. We went for walk after work and during the walk I noticed that sometimes she is doing "weird" steps. Then she told me: "Ouch, my thongs are wedgied in my ass for whole day". The best was that she had a long winter parka-jacket and we were in the town, so lot of people everywhere. So she was just not able to pick the wedgie by her hands. She also complained: "I cant pick it, it hurts so bad." I am always pretending that it is nothing special for me, but I love these moments. I asked her which thongs is she wearing, she replied that the regular high-wasted cotton black thongs. "They are sometimes riding high in my ass" she added. Then we walked for other almost 2 hours. Whole the time she had a thong wedgie and she was in the little discomfort, I saw it. Then on the way back she admitted: "I look forward for coming home and taking the thongs off, it is wedgied in my crotch too."

So tell me if you like these stories ;) . I can share others and you as well.


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My wife complains just about a couple thongs that are too small and some other ones that are not tight fitting enough to hold maxipads when it's that time of the month
I posted this as part of a conversation in another thread but It seems appropriate here...

A few months ago I was going out for a few hours and left a nude/ off white lace bra bralette and matching lace thong on my wife’s dressing table before I left.
when I got back I was welcomed to “I guess because I’m wearing these really uncomfortable pants that you want sex?!”

you can guess the rest.


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A girl I dated in high school once said "ugh, I hate this thong, it always digs into my asshole"

I heard another girl say just recently, while whaletailing, "my thong is so far up my ass right now it fucking hurts"