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This chick showed thong at my gym a lot, like she was sitting doing exercises, then standing, but she had such a fat ass, that her pants coulnt hide her lace thong, it was so high that we could see only a lane like you see in the photos, and that thong was out almose all the time just in front of my face. I couldnt film well cause her gym partener was right there and i somehow did it by carrying the phone and the gym was crowded, but the lace was a beauty. Then i went to do exercises and she turned to me and did some weird yoga pose which exposed her whole ass right in my face and her black leggings became transparent and i could see the thong through her fat ass. I was so turned on that i showed a lot of asscrack too, to expose myself like she did, i was so embarassed and turned on, amazing.



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Awesome, thanks. I saw one this morning on the treadmill in front of me dark blue lacy thong under white cotton tights. I almost fell off my treadmill twice since I was running abt 5mph on a random Hill program with lots of resistance. I could see every cellulite bump and crease on her butt cheeks 😳👅💦💦🍆