Had to share!

First off, these pictures are super low quality and edited funky and I realize that! All I had on me was a camera phone and I was on full zoom so the pictures get super grainy. Regardless, the reason I’m posting this is mainly for the story that goes behind it, not for the pictures!

So here it goes...... I was walking at the beach and I spotted this hot chick with a beautiful tight little ass laying in the sun. Her ass was facing my way so I decided to snap a pic when I walked by.
Since my attention was focused on her, I failed to see the 2 guys sitting at a picnic table right behind me. (basically I was right between her and them) It freaked me out at first because I thought they might’ve been with her and I figured they probably saw me snap the pic so I just kept walking. I decided to post up and watch from a distance and soon realized that they weren’t in fact with her but instead doing the same thing I was- staying close so they could get some good views!!! Lol. I remember thinking how perfect it was that she was facing her ass their way- almost like she knew exactly what they were up to. Just as I was about to leave, I noticed that the guys decided to make a move. I watched them get up from the picnic table and grab their beach towels. They just so happened to find a spot to lay down that was actually really close to her. I remember thinking that it was sort of obvious of them because there was plenty of other space to lay down. But I honestly couldn’t blame them, her ass was amazing!! Once the guys laid down, I decided to take their picnic table spot. Now I was able to watch the whole show! As soon I got settled, the girl sat up and I lost my nice view of her ass (the same view she was giving the guys just prior to that). In my head I was thinking that she had probably figured out what they were up to (damnit) and it probably made her uncomfortable, as you can see in this picture.

The guys were doing their best to pretend they didn’t know she was there. All of a sudden she started to stand up and I noticed that she didn’t put that much effort into hiding her ass from them as she did so. The guys noticed that too as you can see in this picture.
But at that time, I was still under the impression that she was leaving because of the guys laying down. I watched her walk to a picnic table that had a bunch of stuff on it. The guys were watching her leave too.
To all of our surprise, she grabbed a couple of things off the picnic table and headed back to her beach towel! (Yay!!) Maybe she wasn’t uncomfortable after all?! Or, maybe she was packing up the rest of her stuff.(Noooo!)

This next part was totally unexpected and so fucking hot that I almost came in my shorts!! It turns out that she knew exactly what they were up to and instead of leaving, she decided to give them a better view!!! What a little tease!! (Unfortunately I zoomed in too far with my camera which ended up cutting the guys out of the picture so you’re not able to see them staring at her peep show)
I was just able to catch the guy on the lefts shoulder in this picture so you are able to see how
close they were. It’s obvious she knew exactly what she was doing and that’s why I felt this story had to be shared!

Even from my distance, I noticed that she twitched her ass a couple of times so that her ass cheeks would jiggle for the guys. Why can’t all girls be awesome like this?! She did eventually end up flipping over on her back again but you can see that she was still purposely positioning her camel toe directly at the guys. I’m only assuming that because it doesn’t look like a very comfortable position for her leg. She left it in that position for a few minutes.

Anyways, that completes my story. I’m sorry that the pictures aren’t more clear, I’m not happy about that myself!! I did get a couple more pics of her tight little ass before I left.

Oh, and I almost forgot!! Guess who showed up right towards the end??
Her BOYFRIEND and all of his friends!!! (I saw her kiss him) Man, if only he knew what she was up to while they were gone. I wish I had a GF like that!! I bet each of his friends probably had a jerk off session when they got home, lol. And I’m the 2 guys did as well; I know I did!!

One last picture of the guys view! I hope you enjoyed!