Hamper finds and Underwear drawer.


Wanted to start a thread for everyone on hear to take pictures daily or weekly of what treasures are found In the dirty clothes hamper. What does everyone’s partner, friends, family member leave behind in those undies. I enjoy knowing what panties my wife wears for the day and then checking out what mess she’s left behind in them later that evening. This could be fun if everyone contributes. I try to take pics of my wife’s panties peeking out daily and then capturing a pic of what she’s left behind after they have been taken off. We could possible see your partners favorite pair if it’s worn a few times a month. This could be for guys as well, we all know we wear sexy undies on here. I prefer thong and bikini. My wife wears thongs to work and bikini type sleeping and working out. Also will be fun if everyone showed those underwear drawers. What does your partners, friend, or family member Underwear Drawer look like. Let’s get this thread rolling. When I start to see some action I will load pics daily and a little description of what’s displayed. Hope to hear from everyone!