have you ever taken thongs from the dry room?


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Have you a washing and dry room in your house, that also other people are using?

have you ever taken thongs from the dry room from your neighbors and jerked off to/in them? Then just hang them back into place and nobody knew, your dick was inside of it?

Have you pictures of that?
When I lived in Corvallis, my fetish was out of control. I remember a couple times checking dryers and finding a treasure trove of things and g-strings making my cock hard instantly. I just used to keep them. I amassed a drawer full. Whenever, I go to the gay beach at Willamette Park, I’d wear my favorite thong panties. Hot memories


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I have! I lived in an apartment complex and people would always leave a bunch of laundry. So I found myself being alone in that room all the time. Of course I would always glance around to see what I could find. One time I got really daring. I saw a thong and a pair of cheekies. I snuck it in my pocket and took it back to my apartment. I tried the thong and then tried the pair of cheekies. I never tried a pair of cheekies before. It felt so hot because of the material going half way across my butt. I did my thing and then returned them back in the room. Didn’t get caught. What a rush!