How many guys has your Gf / wife slept with and does it bother you?


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Just wondering how you guys feel on this subject. Everyone has a psst but has your significant other ever told you how many guys they've been with? If so, how many? Does it bother you if a large number of dicks has been inside her pussy, mouth and ass or is it a turn on to you if a lot of guys have been there?


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So as she told me. She was just in the army at training and had weekend pass. A lot of them went into town and rented a hotel with lots of drinks. As the night went on she hooked up with a crush and they were making out. As things got going hotter the dudes buddy came in and was watching them make out and stuff. Her crush told the other dude to come over and as he did the crush went down and was eating her out and the other guy started kissing her. Things went on and I guess drinks and hornet got to them. The other guy pulled his cock out and ol girl started stroking it and ended up sucking him while the crush was eating her out. Ol boy didn’t mind and he ended up with his cock in her pussy while she was still sucking the other. After a bit they switched out and she sucked her crush while other dude busted her guts. If I remember right she made both of them cum in her mouth at the same time and took it all in and sucked both of them off at the same time. Guess it was good. Not the only time it happens. There were others.


My wife has slept with around 30 guys, she started very young. I don't care, it turns me on. I slept around alot too, including multiple girls in one day so I can't say much!


My wife told me she was 12 when she started, she told me on our first date because she wanted to know if I really liked her for who she was. I met her when she was 15 so 30 guys in three years is pretty fucking impressive. There is the story of how we met on the "Anything Goes" forum. She always liked much older guys before we met. We fantasize sometimes while having sex about if I'd been her first. Now our oldest is 13, scary as fuck especially when you see how slutty these girls dress.


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She told me that when she was 14 she ran away cos her dad was abusing her and went to stay at her friend's house. Her friend's brother was 18 and offered her some meth if she'd sleep with him so she did. They got high and the brother's best friend came round and made a joke about how he was she slept with him too, in front of the brother, just a couple of hours later. She also told me that from the age of 14 until about 19 she showed her whaletail thong on purpose. I banged the absolute shit out of her right after her telling me that!


My girlfriend (of 8 years) was a virgin when we met. She’s from America but came to the UK for university, and she had a high school boyfriend that she only dated for her social status. She only kissed him a couple of times when they were in a group of friends, and never went any further. I love I’m her one sexual partner.