How public is your crossdressing?


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Hey All!
I love thongs, panties, skirts, and leggings. My question is how public you’ve been with any level of crossdressing?
I have walked a crowded public beach in a short skirt, and have been on several flights with leggings as bottoms not covering anything.
Thinking of attempting wearing a short skirt for two upcoming flights I wont be near any friends or family with, or at least some leggings to maybe flash some panties.
Thoughts, and your experiences?!

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I have walked on crowded beaches for many years, wearing flat-front bikinis or gaff thongs that make me as flat as a girl in front. But I am a very hairy "bear" so I am "invisible". Now I would not go on any flights, regardless of attire, the straight people are too crazy.


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I have on multiple occasions. I love to dress all the time but I love to flash just as much. The last time I wore my low rise jeans and a short shirt and jacket. I wore a really cute lace pink thong with ruffles and didn’t bother pulling up my pants much. Wouldn’t have helped much anyways considering my low rose jeans.


I went to a small rest area on a two lane hwy. I was wearing just a pink nightie and thong. Ended up being seen as I got back in my car to leave 🤭
I crossdress all day I go to work in women clothes and I even get changed with my female co-worker but before I did this I got the okay from HR and I tried my best to avoid staring at anyone or make it awkard and some of my co-worker still give me dirty looks.
I like to wear women's gstring/thong bikinis, thong panties, and stockings, and usually when I'm horny for anal play. The most public I've been was wearing a lacy thong with a glass butt plug under my man clothes going to a store (and even gave two strange women a glimpse of that whale tail). Other than that am a traditionally masculine guy who likes getting in touch with his fem side from time to time.
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Over the years the "publicity" of my crossdressing has changed a lot.
When I was in my early 20s I sometimes could walk around in female clothes, not the super female kind, something that would make one wonder about it. I was way more passable back then. I think the boldest I've ever been was once in which I had a walk in a suburban area with white women's linen trousers, totally see thru, with white lace thong, white lace garters and stockings. In other circumstances, later in life, I started incorporating female accessoires in everyday life. Like eyeglasses case, a pencil case, a handkerchief, an umbrella, a key holder...all subtle things that one doesn't really pay attention to when you are dressed masculine yet you know they are there and it is kinda cool