How to get my girl to be a full blown whale tailer?


Omg please go with the pink outline with white triangle. That would be best trust me haha jk but ya I think that would be the hottest, and most likely to draw attention . Regarding just blatantly asking her I think you've got to the point where you'll never know unless you just pop the question. If she's down you'll be happy for sure
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Great to see you back posting on the site pcm! Hope your girlfriend has still been whaletailing too! Would love to hear any stories about her thong showing you have.

Also very interested to hear what your girlfriend said to you asking her to whale tail on purpose. Has she started doing it? What thong did you end up choosing/what was her whole outfit? Did many people see/comment?

Hope to hear from you soon!


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My wife only wears thongs, she has ever since she was like 13 (I remember her thongs always hanging out in school) I always order her the mid-rise ones for occasions such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day. I ever bought a bunch and put them in plastic Easter eggs for her this easter. The mid rise ones from vs tend to pop out pretty easy. I'll even pull on her yoga pants to stretch them which has led to many many occasions of her thongs hanging out.


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Well here is the results of the night of whale tailing. To start, her outfit was:
A tight tan shirt with lace on top so her chest was showing. Tight jeans that were low rise and loose waisted for a 100% perfect whale tail.
And the best part.....the thong. I picked the plain black thong. It just felt right because she's been in this confident arrogantly slutty attitude lately.

So we go to the first bar and as soon as I was going to ask her to whale tail on purpose, there it was. The black thong sticking out beautifully. Like it was artistic. I kept rubbing it and she never once fixed it. I then called her best friend's husband over while she was talking and I said "I love black." He goes "what?" And I pointed to her thong. He goes "mmmm yes I love black too. You picked a good one. It looks sexy." Then she was talking to me and I whispered in her ear "I wanna fuck you. Your black is showing and it looks​amazing." She goes "yea I know it is. I saw you call him over to look at it!" And I said "just let it stick out. It looks great." And she goes "alright I will." So the rest of the night it was sticking out. Then I was talking to her best friend while she went to the bar. She goes "she looks sexy tonight. I saw her little black thong sticking out. I'm proud of her. I might let my red one stick out so we can match." So then she let hers stick out but not nearly as much. It was a tremendous night.

So during sex the other night I decided to ask her to whale tail whenever we go out next. She goes "fuck I miss being that girl that doesn't care and shows off." And I said "you were doing that the other night. Your thong sticking out was incredible. You need to do it more often. Please do it. Please let your thong stick out." She goes " fuck I felt so hot. I'll do it yes! Now fuck me."

So we will see the next time....


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wow what a story, wonder how many guys saw her thong at the bar, sure wish I was there, how old is she, what size thong does she wear. bet she was a great fuck that night.


Wow, just stumbling across this thread. Read all of your stories pcm. Would love for you to come back and tell us more stories about your girl. Actually working on my girl to whaletail more in public. My ex wore thongs almost everyday, and man, did I love the collection of low rise jeans she had. She showed off her thong all the time. If you're interested I could relive and tell some of those stories here.