I steal thongs


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Well, this is my wife. Unfortunately totally unfuckable. Therefor I fuck other women, once in two, three weeks, that depends, because I have to do it secretly. My wife wears panties which only elderly ladies wear. I will show you them next time.

shes fuckable, respectfully


I'm not only stealing thongs, I steal bra's too!
These are the new purchases of my wife. It seems that her big tits are shrinking...
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My newest trophy is a tiny bra I could pick up in the shared washing machine room in the basement of our vacancy appartment. A nice slim lady of approximately 35 years from Zug in Switzerland tried to dry her bra on the washing line. I was her before as she returned... and I made this picture. Unfortunately she had removed the labels. So I don't know her measurements and the brand. But she has fine tiny tits, that's for sure. I guess its a A-cup.