I want to do suff with my wife's brother


I've been with my five for five years and me and my brother in law have Always been close, having regular discussions about cars, girls, sex, and stuff that guys talk about. He's always bragging about the fact he has a big cock and I Always taught he said that because he has a small one. But last summer we went to Virginia Beach and while he was changing in the room he went full naked and it surprised me how big he was. I wouldnt be surprised that once erected je would be 7 to 9 inches. Because he was an easy 4 inch soft. I already did a blowjob to one of my friend 7 years ago but nothing happened in my non-straight life since then. But seeing my brother in law like that just started me right up. Now i cant do nothing else but imagine myself doing him a hell of a blowjob and swallow his load. So one night in Virginia he just came out of the bathroom 100℅ naked and he has going thru his phone like he didnt care that we were there (me him my Girlfriend and one of our male friend). So i went to see him and just poked his dick twice with my finger just to laugh with him and I talked to his dick saying "come on now get up! Grow taller!" And my brother in law answered me " there's no way you're going to be able to make me hard." So that night I was in the bathroom because it was the only place we could get wifi and he came in still nude to be on his phone also. I was going to jump on him to suck him off but them i was just too afraid that my Girlfriend would walk in or that he would tell her that I tried to suck him. And then the story ends there.

So here is my question:
How do i get to let him suck me?

My Girlfriend is planning to go on a trip in febuary for 10 days so I will have to house for myself. I know I can get him to come for dinner and maybe to stay for the night and maybe more than one day in the week. But I need your help to elaborate the best plan to let me drop his pants.

Thanks for your help! :)


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tough call I guess I would just ask him if he ever got oral from a guy first then go from there, see if he would let a guy do him if he agrees tell him you would like to try and see how he responds, I have gave a couple blow jobs and love it, nothing like a guy moaning and getting hard in your mouth and cumming down your throat you can hardly taste it at all. if he cumms in your open mouth you will be able to taste his cum, try it once you will love it and the person receiving will love it too, I still want to experience a nice facial where a guys shoots a huge load, good luck gstring.


I've already given à blowjob to one of my friend and I swallowed his load and I liked it.

I know my Brother in law and I already know he's going to tell me no and that he finds it gay.

What I taught is that, thinking that he said I could never make him hard, I could bet him that I can get him hard. And maybe the bet could be a blowjob. So if I am able to get him hard (and I plan doing so by sucking him) he would have to suck me back ... But still this seems so impossible. I need your taughts on this.