Imagebam Thumbnails - PLEASE READ


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Hey everyone,

I’ve noticed for a while that a large number of posts that use Imagebam as the picture host are posted using a URL link meaning there is no thumbnail.

Thumbnails are an important preview of content as it allows people to quickly see if the image(s) interest them or not, which is particularly important for posts with a good number of pictures. Having to click through plain links is likely to reduce and engagement and therefore the poster and reader doesn’t benefit from what is (probably) good content.

For social media and forums, engagement is a critical aspect to growth and without engagement and then retention then ultimately it hurts the site.

Posting thumbnails is really easy and just involves copying the BB code after your images are uploaded - imagebam even includes a copy button to make it even easier on mobile OS. You can then paste the code as you would do a link and the site does the rest for you.

Sorry to sound like a moan but the essence of my post is to help improve the forum and make it as enjoyable as possible for viewers and posters.